No endometriosis and I should be happy

I've just had surgery 2 days ago for "laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis" because the gynaecologist was adament I had it from my symptoms, ultrasound and internal examination. When I came out I was told they found nothing it was "normal, normal, normal". I should be happy with this result as I know endometriosis is challenging and not what you would wish for but I still have to live with these symptoms with no way to relieve them. I get very painful periods, migraines before and after periods, nausea, lower back pain that radiates down my hips and thighs and painful sex which is always worse immediately after a period.

The surgery was performed by a normal hospital gynae team and wasn't an endometriosis specialist. What makes it worse is that it was in the public system so the inexperienced doctors do the operation and the consultant watches on, the consultant didn't even speak to me before or after the surgery, in fact I didn't even see him, but his name is on my operation report (his name on the list in the room that day).

Is it possible I do not have endometriosis and they are right, I am "normal" or is there a possibility it's been missed and I need a second opinion.

I will also add I am in massive amounts of pain following the surgery and they didn't even remove anything just looked inside, has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi,have a look for posts by lindle she has been do helpful to so many others on this site such a lot of people have been through general gyni to later find out that they have endo and it was missed due to inexperienced (in endometriosis ),even if they didn't find anything your body will take time to recover just follow the advice to rest and take things easy I felt better after a week but went back to work after 2.i hope that you get some relief and answers soon.


Thank you Treez! I will look her up. I am feeling a little better this afternoon, xx

Hiya, I had my lap on Friday and was advised that my pelvis area was perfect and no endo was found. Like you I was shocked that nothing was found but now I'm happy that I don't have endo which allows my doctor and I to find out what is really causing all this pain. X

Yeah it's just kind of disappointing to have no answers! Let me know how you go with what they do to help your symptoms? Xx

I know it's really frustrating as I thought I was finally getting a diagnosis but feel back at square one now! At least it's ruled out xx

Definitely. I feel the same way! But I do also feel like I need a second opinion incase it was missed! I will have to see what they see at my follow up. Xx

I think I would be having the same thoughts had my surgeon not been a specialist in endo. I'm confident that if there was something he would have found it. Hope you get on okay and get some answers soon x

Thank you! You too! Always here if you need to chat xx

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