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Post op excision of endometriosis and had mirena inserted, still bleeding and experiencing pain

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Hi guys, I was wondering if I could pick your brains. I had excision of rectovaginal endo, rectal shaving and insertion of mirena 6 weeks ago. They couldn't excise all of the endo as it has spread into the rectal margin and would affect my continence. I had been having zoladex beforehand (which was the most amazing stuff, well worth the hot flushes) and was waiting for my first period. I have now been bleeding for over 2 weeks and it's really crampy. In addition to this, I can't wear anything tight around my middle as it causes me quite a lot of abdominal pain. Has anyone experienced something similar? I would really appreciate hearing about them, and if the symptoms settled down at all.

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Zoladex is amazing!. But I took it for too many years, changed my brain with a depression. The coil I tried but only for 2 weeks as I became very ill, but for some this can work well. A swollen tummy is normal with Endo, Ponstan 40 or other tablets can help with inflammation. Belladona I use for cramps. My best Joy x

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