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So fed up!!!

Because of Endo, I have lost all my work so have also lost my flat, it has completely disrupted my life and am so fed up of trying to stay positive!!

I am waiting for another lap in February and I am sure it will be a lot better after this but it feels like my whole life is on hold. I also don't have a partner and feel completely alone with this and don't feel like I want to meet someone when my life is in this state. I am on gonopeptol injections so am having hot flushes and not sleeping so I really need to reach out to this community

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Oh hun I’m so sorry you are going through this.

I too have struggled with feeling like my life is on hold. Fortunately I have a lot of support here and with my family.

If you don’t feel you’re ready to have a partner now then try not to stress too much about that and focus on helping yourself for now.

Please feel free to message me any time you’re feeling down. I’ve been through a lot at a young age so maybe I can help, even if it’s just to vent to me.

You aren’t alone in this xx


Thank you all for your kind replys, am just really tired at the moment and it is all getting on top of me but is really great to know that you are all here and I hope you all have a good day xx



I also suffer from endo I had my laparoscopy Oct 2nd this year they removed it but I still have the pain, sickness, tiredness & I didn’t see my surgeon after my operation because he had an a emergency in a different hospital & I got home the same night. The pain has completely destroyed my life because I can’t work or go out with my friends or even have a relationship because dealing with something like this to me isn’t fair to put on someone else because I’m only 24 & if he was the same age I would feel like I’m not as good as someone who could go out all the time & do things with because I never know how I am going to feel from one day to another & I would feel guilty involving someone else in my life when it is like this. Of course I would love to be in a relationship but right now I’m not in the right place. I don’t really sleep because of the pain & everything that comes with it. At least you know your not on your own 😊 I wish you all the best x


Thats terrible, Im the same, about to lose my flat as ni energy to get work.. benefits stopped.. its terrible, Ive got no one to upport me, morally or finacially.. my family is in France.. no friends left or interested really.. It is a nighmare at whatever age girls! Endo ruined my chances of having a baby, it started in my 40s, the last years of hope.. its all gone now.. at least you girls I hope you still have hope for a family?

Second lap, why? I did feel better after mine but the endo comes back but I wouldnt undergo another surgery.. Mine is not bad enough, I think the fibroids they found are massive though.. but they refused to remove them..

Sorry not be more positive..😩🙈😂



Very similar position here. My family died 5 years ago, now single, 42, unable to work for 3 years. All my close friends either have recently had kids or are pregnant now. Last relationship ended 4 years ago and I feel in no fit state to be going out and meeting new people and I wouldn't want to inflict my current lifestyle on a new partner. Sorry I don't have any positivity to share but you're not alone. Mine was controllable for years excluding one week a month, now it's daily.

As for your home, why have your benefits been stopped. I almost lost my flat 3 years ago and the stress was horrific as I had no family to fall back on. They did eventually give me housing benefit and esa thank god but my life has been on hold since. Please share whatever is going on re benefits if you can't work. Hopefully one of us can advise.

It's a shit illness. All I can say is for 20 years I managed to lead a pretty full life, that was after being bed bound in horrendous pain for a year, now it's impossible but I hope it at least gives you hope that things can go in waves and improve xx


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