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Retrograde Menstruation again??

Hi so 14 months ago I had a sudden on set of severe right sided pain, after various test and 2 weeks of begging the drs to do something, they took me in for a diagnostic lap + appendisectomy. The cause I was told Was a retrograde menstration bleed. I was told I did not have endo, however this was a general consultant not gynea. Since then I’ve not had too much of an issue, I get bad pain when ovulating (right side is worse) and in the last 4-6 months I’ve had the odd twinge pain on my right side which passes. However 5 days ago I had sudden severe pain in my right lowever abdo, it’s too early for ovulation and the pain has not gone away, naproxen doesn’t really help and I currently can’t work with the pain. Dr rang today and didn’t listen to me at all, thinks it’s thrush, I’ve had thrush before this is not thrush!! I have drs appointment tomo so hoping for more answers. However I wondered if anyone else has had to go in again for a washout after a reoccurrence of RMB and whether I should just head up to a and e and ask to see gynea?! Any advice welcome.....

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I feel your frustration- I had a laparoscopy done June due to severe pain in my lower left side- turned out mine was endometriosis in pod- I conceived afterwards but lost the baby very early and like you I have had pain back in my lower left side but my fertility consultant doesn’t agree that my endo is back- all the gps who are treating my symptoms do but he did book me to see his colleague as my womb lining looked uneven on a scan he ordered.

I am unsure why your laparoscopy was not done by a gynae. Seems odd...

It is awful to have pain so dismissed- I’ve been there with my gp- so unprofessional. In the end I saw other drs and found them to be very supportive- and I’ve avoided my gp ever since...

I actually find lady drs to be more sympathetic towards gynae issues.

I think the gp should honestly refer you to a gynae- I would really push for one. Pain is an indication something is not ok and shouldn’t be ignored.

As for A&E they are unlikely to send you to a gynae unless it’s life or death. I went to A&E early this year and all they did was do some blood tests and sent me home to the care of the gp! ( I was lucky I was under a gynae already and he took my pain seriously. )

If you don’t get anywhere with the next dr I would bring someone in with you next time-hopefully you won’t need to.

Keep a pain diary-it will give the gynae a clearer idea of what is happening.

Also I found by cutting out gluten and going lactose free has eased my pain a little.

Good luck xoxo


Thanks for the reply.

My op was done on an emergency list so was done by the on call consultant. (I work in theatres so know this is normal) . They said it could happen again, though but they didn’t offer advice on what to do if that happens. The pain is quite acute so I may be better going to a&e if things don’t improve, as I’m not under anyone. Like you said hopefully things will be more clear after the drs tomo. If I was at work I’d go see one of the gynea consultants I work with but I’m off sick cos I can’t work in this pain and painkillers make me loopy.... it’s such a hard condition to search on and find info everything always just goes on about endo and says the body should observe RM blood....

thanks though for sharing your experience


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