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Brown discharge for entire week instead of period

I had brown discharge Bobbley bits instead of my normal red period I haven't had any symptoms of my endo returning since I've had my children ( i was told i couldn't have children) I now have 2 girls 13 months appart. as I'm writing this I'm in agony I feel like I've got horrible period pains today will be day 4 of pain. I'm constipated I'm so scared it's coming back I have endonin my lung so I cough up blood horribly. please can anyone help with the brown discharge

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Really sorry hun but it does sound like it's back. Brown discharge is most likely old stagnant blood trying to make it's, way out I hope your ok and get some relief soon 💗🤗😘


Could you be pregnant? I had similar symptoms to what you describe and it was only when the brown stuff stopped and not red bleeding every occurred that I thought to test and got a very clear positive.


Yes when I was 28, very smelly and more like Pate. I am not sure what it was. I wonder if it was part of a cyst. Then my periods following got heavier and very painful, flooding and clots, after a further 4 mths the periods calmed down and the pain was controllable. I had so much time off sick from work. Two years later they found a grapefruit sized cyst which had hair, liquid and bits inside it. Perhaps that was it. Get a deep vaginal ultrasound just in case. x


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