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2nd lap over and done with - pelvis and bowel endo

Hi ladies,

Just had my second lap on Friday night. I wasn't having much luck getting a referral on the NHS (they kept wanting to test me for STIs instead) so I made the decision to go private, which is also what I did the first time round, as I physically couldn't stand the pain any longer. I went to my consultation last Tuesday and he booked me in for Friday night, so it was a little scary only have 3 days to mentally prep, but I am glad it's all over.

They found new endo on my pelvis (fortunately the previous lesions he removed last year were all clear) and also on my bowel, which I was really surprised about. I ended up being in surgery for about 3 hours as the removal from the bowel was apparently more complex. I was a bit too out of it to properly discuss the repercussions of this (if any) after my op, but have my follow up on 7th Dec. During the procedure I also had the Mirena coil fitted, as it's the last form of hormonal medication I haven't tried without being really sick on it, so I'm just praying it works and gives me some relief.

The worst symptom I've had since (apart from the awful shoulder/gas pain) is heartburn. Every time I swallow it burns and is so painful - I'm taking gastro-resistant tablets and omeprazole every day, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect.

Any advice on suggestions of things to try? It makes me not want to eat at the moment!


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