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Op and buscopan/ibs


I have my lap on tuesday and get really bad ibs when stressed or havent eaten so I was hoping to take a buscopan when I can eat in the morning of the lap but I forgot to ask the nurse. I did tell her I take buscopan and she didnt tell me to stop taking them. I was wondering if anyone would know if its safe to do so or not? Also does anyone have any advice on how to calm yourself before the lap? I was also wondering do a lot of people have a bad reaction to this type of lap? Because my brother and mum had a lap but for gallstones and appendix both of them had a bad reaction but I'm praying it was because it was by their stomachs as I have a massive phobia of sick I think its the only thing freaking me out about it which is causing me ibs symptoms already 😮

Thank you


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I would call the hotel itself to check in case there is any interaction with the anaesthesia. I was told to avoid any herbal supplements ( I usually take kalms when stressed)

I did breathing exercises like 7-11 breathing and visualisation ( imagining and painting a mental picture of a safe peaceful place where you are happy) to help keep calm. Sounds cheesy but it did help.

Everyone reacts differently to the meds you are given. I didn't get nausea but the first time my bladder went to sleep and the second ( a very big op) my bowel did and my immune system crashed, just from the stress of the surgery I think. It does take it out of you so plan to give yourself as much rest and recover time as you need.

Both times I was looked after wonderfully by all of the staff though and always felt in very safe hands. You will be well looked after. Xxxx

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Thank you, I think I'm not gonna risk it. I will try the breathing exercises I struggle to distract myself though haha. Thank you for sharing your story I've planned to take nearly 3 weeks off work because I saw average recovery time was 2 weeks. I know the staff and my family will look after me but I hate being ill haha xx


For stress use the Heart 7 acupressure point on each wrist. If you can get the travel sickness wrist bands you can use them, you just position them differently and then take them off just before the op. Otherwise, use finger pressure (thumb pressure is probably easier)

You can look up pictures of the point on the internet.

Your "IBS" is probably due to overgrowth of Candida Albicans in the intestines. This goes hand in hand with endometriosis because both are encouraged to grow by oestrogen yet also produce a type of oestrogen so they help each other along. Candida needs carbohydrates to grow so that is why you'll get bad if you don't eat, it is the candida making you feel bad so you eat. There is various advice on the internet about how to get rid of candida but it is too close to the op to do this now, as you get terrible withdrawal symptoms as the bacteria dies off. This is because it the chemicals it releases sends messages to your brain telling you that it needs carbs, so you feel like you have a hangover and flu at the same time. At some point after the op, when you start to feel better you need to go for a low carb diet to get rid of it. You have to stick to pretty much no carbs at all for a few weeks to get rid of it then can start introducing them a little at a time.


Oohh thank you for your advice I willl see if the travel sickness bands work. Thank you for telling me about candida I will google it😮


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