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Painful bowel movements after op


I had my lap 2 weeks ago & endo was found on my left ovary and on bowel. It explains the pain I get when needing the loo but since the op the pain is a lot worse & takes me a while to go. Is this normal because I’m still healing? Also when the Doctor came around to fully explain what was found, I wasn’t able to fully take it in. Do you get a follow up appointment or will the GP be able to tell me if I go there?


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Did they treat the bowel or was it diagnostic only.? If you are concerned call the hospital to check things out.

Your gp should get a write up after a week, I was ccd mine but not all surgeons do that. You can call the secretary and ask for a copy of the op report to be mailed.

It is common I think to take a little while for the bowel to wake up again after anaesthesia, you can try natural laxatives like licorice and prunes or else movicol, lactulose or fybogel. The main thing is that are you are having bowel movements, as its a concern if you aren't at all. It took me well over a week to go at all and even then I needed lots of medical assistance after my bowel shave.

This is a good article on what pain is normal post lap and the body's internal healing process after laparoscopy

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It was treated at the same time. Thanks for that, I will call into my GP this week. I will definitely read that article too. Many thanks for your kind reply

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Hiya, I know this was a really long time ago now but did your pain settle down? I've had the same you 12 days ago and am in agony when I go to the loo

I had endo removed from my left ovary too 3 weeks ago and i am still having pain when going to the loo 😯 also a dull ache afterwards sort of feels inbetween a bad period pain and tummy pain. Its in my hips and goes down to my legs not really sure the same as what you said if its just due to healing?! I have spoken with my gp and she said it is most likely from the excision of the endo and you have to give your insides time to heal but she did say antibiotica would be needed incase its an infection as I am passing horrible stuff everyday since ive had the lap. But i wont be taking the antibiotics im just going to give myself some more time and see if things ease off. I hope you feel better soon too ☺☺ vikki x

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Yes that’s exactly how I’m feeling. Thanks for replying. I hope you feel better soon too! x

Oh dear, that always hurts. Think slippery, oily, lubricating foods and drinks that are low residue (smooth, easy to digest, not complex or gassy).

If I were you I would eat:

Coconut oil/butter (1 tablespoon, 1-3 times a day)

Avocado and cucumber, for cooked spinach, zucchini - no cruciferous now due to gas and light on onions/garlic.


Pear, prunes, applesauce

Drink aloe vera juice, it is part of my daily anti constipation, easy bm routine. 1/2-whole lemon in water helps make the liver excrete bile and create peristalsis in the colon. High in bit c which is also needed for active bms.

Avoid, like the plague: beans, red meat, too much sugar, alcohol, lots of coffee (I need one to get it going).

Water, water, water!

Lastly, magnesium is a must. At night I take three tabs og Cal-Mag-Zinc-VitD.

My pelvis physical therapist just told me to switch to citrate magnesium.

Thank you so much for your detailed reply I will certainly try eating differently!

Hi ladies. I had a very large cyst removed from my right ovary 2 weeks ago. They drained it and peeled as much away as they could from the area, but I'm sure the surgeon told me afterwards that a bit was still stuck to bowel. I'm just glad this cyst is gone. So draining!! 2 weeks on and I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere. Swollen abdomen,horrific gas pains right up to my shoulder and dull period like pains since op. Just remember all the work they do while in there and they aren't gentle lol. Insides will be healing. I have been using milk of magnesia and it has been a god send. My friend told me to get it as her daughter has similar procedure and it really help the gas pains and easy bowel movements. Peppermint tea has also really really helped!

Oh the joys of being a female xx

Oh also the anaesthetic plus I had an epidural too stuns the bowel and it takes a while to kick in xx

Hi , Its early days after your surgery. You probably have inflammation at the moment. My Left ovary was found disconnected so was rejoined and moved up but since that was done I have pain there. The leftside of the body seems to have more pain probably cos there's lots of things on that side and the sacral nerve in is in your back on that side. It will probably settle in the next 6 weeks. If you have temperature or inflection you probably need another ultrasound. Good Luck. x

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