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Does anyone take anti-spasm tablet for pain apart from Buscopan?


I take max dose of Buscopan (2 tablets 4 times a day). It used to work but now no. I had my appointment today and my consultant told me to get different kind of anti-spasm tablets from GP as I probably got used to Buscopan too much.


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what is spasming? I was on oxybutynin hydrochloride for bladder spams

and that was after not getting much help from the Buscopan. i only lasted a couple of weeks on Buscopan but went back to doc as it just wasn't letting me pee properly.

the Oxybutynin did not entirely come without side effects and cure me, but it certainly helped me out for over a year till the spasms calmed down all by themselves. (It's the one and only time in my life i actually thought perhaps there is a God after all, when my bladder started working for itself again.)

Side effects were needing the loo very quickly with little warning (which is infinitely better than not being able to pee when you are bursting to 'go'.

Still it was worth a few accidents to not be in so much discomfort pain.

The buscopan I have here says two tablets 4 times a day. So that was my 1st attempt.

The oxybutynin was 2 tablets twice a day. They are about the same size but the Oxy ones are blue in colour. I found they suited me much better.

There were others to try, my GP said she had a few more options, if the ocybutynin didn't sort me out, but in the end I was happy to put up with rapid loo trips so long as I could actually 'go' pee.

shukudai in reply to Impatient

I hope you get the better medication for you. Buscopan was helping me for a while. I have been taking it with max dose about 2 weeks a month about a year and it was helping me. I was keeping 4 hours between the doses. Since the beginning of this year, I've getting pain within the 2 hours and having to take NSAIDs tablets.


I usually take Mebeverine which I get from the doctor but I have recently started going to an acupuncturist and yesterday she recommended Mag Phos it's herbal. I don't know if it works but I thought I'd let you know just in case you wanted to research it. It's would be nice to find a natural remedy rather than drugs all the time. I would be interested in what you think and how you get on if you decide to use it. As I said I've not looked into it too much myself.

Good Luck


shukudai in reply to Londongirl1

Thanks. I'll google Meveverine.

I had had some acupuncture treatment about a year in 2006. It started to help my pain after 6 months of treatment. I got pregnant and stopped. The acupuncturist who was the great listener as well, left my area and I haven't had treatment since.

I have never heard about Mag Phos. I will research it.

Take care

Londongirl1 in reply to shukudai

I'm having acupuncture to hopefully fall pregnant so it was really good to know that you fell pregnant while you were having treatment.

Thank you


I take Mebeverine too. My doctor looked at buscopan but said there were less side effects with Mebeverine so might be worth a try? It's early days for me, only be on it about a week but my endo pain used to get worse in the evening and since taking the Mebeverine things are quite a lot better.


I googled Mebeverine and does it make you drowsy? Well I would soon get use to it. When I increased Buscopan dose I was very tired but soon I got used to it (and now it doesn't do anything:() I think I will ask my GP and give Mebeverine try. I hope this works for me too.

Take care

Interesting to read this ladies, will be checking the pharmacy tomorrow to see what I can buy here

shukudai in reply to nickym1d

Hi nickym1d

Let me know if you find a good tablet.

Take care

I took buscopan yrs ago for spasms due to endo but this time they have given me Mebeverine & it has definately helped with the spasms :-)

but I can honestly give you an answer to if it makes you drowsy & all I can say is that since I have been taking mebeverine its knocked me for six but I am on alot of other pain meds so it could be that on top of everything I am already taking it may be making me more drowsy than it would if thats all you were taking.

Hope this helps xxx

forgot to say I'm on 1 tablet 3 times a day x

Thanks everyone. I made a GP appointment for next week and ask Meveberine.

Take care.

Try spasmonal (brand name, has other names too). It's alverine citrate. Is used for period pain which shocked my doc when he read it after telling him for years only IBS med they kept giving me that worked!

shukudai in reply to little_fins

Thanks I will ask my GP. I think anti-spasm medicine works period related pain but doctor used to gave me just straightforward pain killers.

Take care

Hi there

For my IBS I take tablets called colpermin its a IBS relief and it works better then buscopan theyve got peppermint oil in it there also safe for getting pregnant as well were as buscopan is harmful for trying for a baby

Hope this helps hun and that the spasmes go for you I no what your going through if got IBS for life which is hard for me get pregnant due to the pain

Good luck hun

Belladona is part of Buscopan. Belladona from health food shop it worked better for me. VIT B6, D3 and C, Fennel Tea really helps at night, fresh Fennel. Cut anything with soya in. Ponstan 40 from Doctor and Co-diadromal painkiller. Also perhaps foods with Histamine in, Banana Advocado, there are others if you inflammation. Best wishes J

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