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Cramps after lap

This is my first post on here and I just wanted some advice. I have just had my 3rd lap for endo and I still getting cramps like before is this normal ? They feel the same as before the op and I thought they would have gone away as all the endo is goneat first I thought it was just the scars hurting but I realised it's cramps and it seems to be getting worse. X

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Hello, I had the same after my lap and was told that all the endo hadn’t been removed (although they told me it had) they also said that a lap isn’t 100% going to removed the symptoms and for me I felt like they got much worse post surgery X


Thank you for replying it has helped knowing that, I hope you are okay now. X


Thank you I am getting there! Currently having Zoladex injections (artificial menopause) but they’ve been amazing for me. X


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