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Post op advise

Hello everyone, hope your all as well as can be ATM!

Iv finally had surgery to remove my endro last week, they'll successfully removed lots of growth around my bowls and urethra and been told I'm now endo free woop!! But iv also been told to except that in 18 months/2 years it will grow back, how does that mean I'm endro free?

Also iv been put on the single pill full time, which has been a god send to me, no break through bleeding (it was daily) no wear near as much pain during period times, no swelling or bloating! Seeing as it's now removed do I go back to normal having a pill break? Has anyone been through this and changed back after?

I'm 9 days post op and tbh I feel horrendous, I ended up with a cathator for a week resulting in an infection so I understand the antibiotics will make me feel rubbish for a bit, but can I ask how long did people feel they needed to recover and head back to work?

Thank you xxx

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Hi I can't answer your questions about the pill but in terms of recovery, I had mine done 3 weeks ago and I made the mistake of rushing my recovery a little thinking i was fine and today I'm bed bound had plans to go out but have had to cancel them! So I can't really give you a proper it's all down to you and your body. All I would say is do not rush getting better take it one step at a time! I did go back to work last week but I work from home so it's a bit easier for me than people that work out x

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I had surgery to remove it from my POD, US ligaments to seperate my bowel and uterus and to shave my bowel. I had surgery 3 years later to resect my bowel as shaving was not sufficient. However, the rest of my endo which was removed had not returned. So it is not always the case.

I took my pills back to back but it made me ill. Following my surgeries I had the normal pill which was fine. I was fortunate that the operations helped my symptoms.

It depends as everyone is different but dont rush it (and avoid lifting). I was off 3 days for my initial lap, for 5/6 weeks for the 2nd op (I had internal bleeding fixed during surgery which made the recovery a bit worse). For my b resection I was off for 7 weeks. I had internal bleeding again which required emergency surgery the next day so I was in a bit of a state!

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Unfortunately with endo, it can always come back. Being endo free now means that they got rid of what is currently there but they haven’t yet found a way to prevent it ever returning (as far as I know anyway, I could be wrong if they’ve recently found something!).

I can’t answer the questions on the pill as I have the coil. But with regards to your recovery, it does differ person to person and whether or not you catch any infections. My wound got infected and then I got a kidney infection so although I tried going back to work after just under two weeks, I lasted 6 hours then had to go back off again. I got very unlucky in that my darling nephew also passed on the chicken pox so I would have been back to work 4 weeks after surgery had I not caught them which increased it to 6 weeks.

I would say though not to rush yourself to get back as it was harder than I had imagined, so exhausting too! Especially as you’ve already had one infection so far. Take care x

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