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Acupuncture for pelvic pain/ mri question

Hi all, had anyone ever tried acupuncture for their pain and has it helped?

Considering trying I as I don’t want to always rely on medication. After two laps I’m left with pelvic adhesions and I’m in more pain than I was with the endo, sometimes I can’t even walk or move without it hurting.

Also another quick question, I’ve recently discovered a mri won’t show any superficial endo unless it’s a certain size but mainly only shows deep endo, is it possible that a surgeon can miss these also whilst performing a laparoscopy?

I’m struggling to stay positive right now and feeling like I won’t ever having relief. I’m 26 and do want children in th future and I’m worried my chances will be be affected by this.

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Hi~ 25yr old diagnosed at 21. I had acupuncture for 6 months while I lived in Japan. In my personal case it helped a ton with migraines, jaw/neck infections, leg pain, and especially digestion issues/lack of hunger. In the case of abdominal pain it may have helped inbetween periods, but my actual periods were still horrible. Had much better results with period pain using castor oil packs. Good luck and if you have any other questions or just want someone who understands to chat with, just send me a message!!

Just recently started dating (my first boyfriend) and we're very serious so the infertility issues are starting to worry me as well ;w; as he's already sweetly said, if it doesn't happen we'll be just as happy adopting together.


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