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Ovarian Cyst - is it normal to be having so much pain?

My background is that I am 20 years old, I have been diagnosed with endometriosis with 2 laparoscopic surgeries and I have the mirena coil. I last had an ultrasound scan in July this year and there were no cysts everything was clear however last Monday I was taken into A&E in agony with pain on my left ovary, it felt like someone was using my ovary as a stress ball, it was so tight at points I was struggling to walk even after pain medication. After tests throughout the night I went for a scan and they found a simple 5cm cyst covering my left ovary, the doctors were not concerned by the cyst and I am going back for a scan in a few weeks however I did stay in hospital for a few days to monitor the pain then went home to rest. The pain is no where near the extent it was but I'm still in discomfort. My question is that I thought cysts tend to not cause symptoms and although the doctors and nurses reassured me that it could be due to the cyst leaking or shifting I can't help feeling a bit insane for being in that much pain and this persistent pain. Has anyone else struggled with simple fluid cysts or is still struggling? Thank you xxx

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Oh my goodness, I seriously thought this was an old post of mine when reading this. I have been in the same situation! I had similar sized cyst on one of my ovaries, that is then later on how I discovered I had endometriosis. I was in utter agony with it! It seemed to "disperse" when I had my first surgery. Hope this helps x


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