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Mirena coil issues! Please help!

Hi, I have had the mirena coil for almost 3 years, since insertion I have 2 week long HEAVY periods a month (2 weeks on 2 weeks off) and over the last 8 months the 2 weeks that I’m not bleeding I suffer from recurring thrush. Has any one experienced this?

I want to remove it but I’m cautious as Doctors say it’s the only thing that is possibly slowing my Endo growth (how can it be if I’m bleeding every 2 weeks for 2 weeks?)

If anyone is interested here’s a quick recap of how I got to this point. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis 4 years ago, since then I’ve had 2 endomtriomas on left ovary (1 was 10cm and grew to 15cm overnight), 1 hystoscopy, 1 6 month course of prostap, 1 6 month course of zoladex, 3 operations (1 of which removed my left ovary) On my last op my Gyne thought I’d had several C sections due to the amount of adhesions he found and was shock when I said I haven’t had any children!

Any help or advise would be gratefully received.


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Are you in the UK? If so, have you been seen at a BSGE clinic? It seems so awful that anyone would let you go on with the mirena, for so long, if it's that bad. Why not talk to the advisors at 'Endo UK' , who host this site?

Sorry I can't be more helpful, I hope someone else can give more advice, but do talk to 'Endo UK'.

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Yes I’m in the UK wales to be precise. I’ve never heard of BSGE clinic what is that? Thanks for your reply.


Google 'Endo UK' and you will find their website, where under 'treatment' they do eventually mention BSGE Centres - although I am astonished it is not more obvious, as one of the big problems with endo, is that lots of women should be referred to BSGE Centres by their GPs after a diagnostic Lap, but it seems it is not happening as often as it should be (tho' I imagine the Centres are struggling to cope, as so many women have Endo, and more and more are coming forward and no longer putting up with agonising debilitating pain for years.)

If you search for BSGE.Org you will find separate info on the Clinics. I'm afraid I cannot remember how bad Endo has to be for women to be referred to them. Ask your GP about them. GPs are supposed to know the official protocol for the referral of women with bad Endo to BSGE Clinics, but it seems that lots of them don't.

Good luck, NB ask the Gynae who is treating you - I suppose it's always possible that they are BSGE medics, but no one has ever said it to you.


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