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Bleeding 10 days after period

Hi everyone

I had my period 10 days ago like normal but today I started spotting, at first I thought it was just regular spotting like when I ovulate but later during the day it got heavier and then it got Clumpy (sorry for the details) and I have some slight cramps, if it is my period I'm VERY early. I'm just very worried that it may be something more severe.. I am not on birth control or sexually active.

Please could someone help me or give me advice.

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You need to let your gp know if this isn't normal so they can do checks hun. Hopefully will be one of those things that just happens and we never know why but isn't sinister. Hope you get sorted hun 💗🤗😘

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Thank you I'm going to make an appointment asap

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Went to the doctor.. No serious issue just some iron deficiency and hormones that were imbalanced.


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