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Total hysterectomy 27th Oct 2017

Hi everyone hope your all well, I've not been on the site for a while. So after waiting 7 months and after my 21st Zoladex injection I now have my date for my total hysterectomy. I have severe endometriosis, it's attached everywhere. My op is a joint op with the bowel surgeon I'm trying to prepare for my surgery and working 100 mile an hour at work trying to get things tied up before I go off, really annoys me how employers don't take endometriosis serious just because you may look ok didn't mean you feel ok. Anyway looking for advice tips or vitamins anyone would recommend. Thanks in advance, take care everyone x

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Hi chick, hope your recovering well and you managed to get some stress free time after the op. I guess you probably found answers via another post but I’m just about to start Zoladex and came across your post. Did you have a good experience on it? Take care, Shayla


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