Total peritoneal excision

Hi all. Have anyone had tppe? If so how long did it take you to feel totally psin free? I'm 9 weeks post op and am still having pain. I know everyone is different but It would be reassuring to know that there was someone out there who didn't feel great straight away! Seems like I'm the only one who this op hasnt worked for at the moment! This may give me some hope!

I'm trying to get on with normal things and walking 20mins everyday but I'm struggling to be honest. I really didn't want to go on the pill as it was my impression I wouldn't need to after this op but looks like I might have to! Many thanks in advance x

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  • Well I'm going to assume and hope that everyone that has had this op is no longer on this site and enjoying their lives!! I hope so! There may be hope for me yet. Either that or it was not endo causing my pain! Or I'm just nuts like the Drs have told me for twenty years!! Ha ha

  • Hi. I had TPE and I had pain for quite a while afterwards due to two sections of my bowel being removed and it was pulling. This lasted maybe three months or so. Now several years down the line when I have had a period (in currently Breastfeeding so not getting them) it has been very mild pain but this is due to adenomyosis not endo. Be patient as it is radical surgery and it can take many weeks for everything inside to heal and settle down xxx

  • Thank you Sooo much! It's kind of you to nip back on here to give advice, I really hope I can do that one day. Congratulations on your baby and I'm sorry you have adenomyosis. Can I ask... I have pain to some degree everyday still not just during period time. Is this just healing? What could you manage to do at the 8/9 week post op point? Some days I still can't do heavy house work ie: a couple of hours of ironing. I try n get out n about but pushing a full shopping trolley with a 3 year old in it is agony and I suffer for days after! thsnk you xxx

  • I had pain every day for about three months after the operation. I went back to see the surgeon after about 7 weeks as i was so concerned, like you are and he said it is just the healing process and it will settle, and he was right! At around 8/9 weeks post op i was still struggling with heavy house work. I didn't return back to work until maybe 12-15 weeks (i can't remember precisely). I am a physio so its very physical. Pushing a full shopping trolley with a 3 year old in it requires a lot of abdominal strength as does ironing for 2 hours. After this op we lose tummy strength and it takes a while to get it back. It certainly did for me!! Don't rush anything, or push yourself, your body will heal in its own time.


  • Thank you so much for your reply that makes me feel a bit better! I was thinking of seeing a physio at some point actually as over the last 3 years I have lost so much muscle and weight. X

  • Hi. I had TPE in July. It takes a long time for your body to heal. My consultant said I would feel better by Christmas. I had twelve weeks off work and needed it. I was still getting very tired even when I went back to work. I wouldn't say I was in pain afterwards but did feel delicate and sore. Also my tummy would swell by the end of the day. It did that for six months after my hyst two years before the TPE too. I don't have endo pain now but still get some lower back ache if I stand too much. I find it hard to trust my body not to let me down again- that's the hardest thing I think for me. I only have one ovary left and I just hope it behaves and that is the end of surgery for me. Give yourself more time and take care of yourself. Its big surgery. X

  • Thank you! X

  • I had mine beginning of December, still in pain now and needing to take more time off work but hopeful that some bits of my tummy are feeling different in a good way! So starting to get excited for the future. I am back on the pill after zoladex which has made me a bit down and tearful. I too was worried it hadn't worked, but spoke to the specialist nurse who was so reassuring as she said it's the healing process. I'm a nurse and think I need a bit more time off, I struggle with housework etc, did some yesterday and paying for it now :-( but yes, excited for the future! Fingers crossed you feel better soon x

  • Thank you for your reply! It's really hard trying to figure out what your body will let you do isn't it! I wish I was excited for the future! If I could just see a bit of improvement that would give me hope. I just wonder if I've done too much since the op, I've pretty much been on full time mum to little one duty so no time for lying if I need to and up from crack of dawn till 10pm trying to get my boy to sleep! I was thinking of going on the pill to see if I can get done relief but I'm worried about IT making things worse. Not been on it in 8 years! Xx

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