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Endometriosis Sex Pain - Doubts

Here little of my story: I have been diagnosed with endometriosis by ultrasound. I have an endometriosis cyst in my left ovary and a small endometriosis nodule in one of the utero-sacral ligaments. I was put on the Mirena since December-2016 and my endometriosis cyst reduced up to a point that it seems that I do not need surgery.

I was feeling so much better and happy. After 7 months on the mirena i did not have any major discomfort and I did barely notice my cyst. Also, while having sex I did not have to major discomfort, just some small pain with deep penetration that I was able to ignore while having sex.

But, I am worried now. I had sex last weekend (during my ovulation week) I it was painful, I am almost sure that the pain comes from the endometriosis points. I do not understand why I suddenly have this pain during sex. So here my questions:

- Has anyone improved the endometriosis sex pain with the Mirena IUD?

- Does the diet make the point? Since I was feeling fine I did not care my diet this two last months.

- Girls who have undergo surgery. Did your sex pain improved after it?

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Feedback in case someone is interested: sex was fine the last time I tried. I do not know yet how to determine why I was in pain before. Let see what happens in the future...


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