Awaits us abdominal/renal scan sonographer won’t give result! Is this normal?

I am so worried what he found! Been having right side pain, gallstone and fibroids was found 5 yrs ago. Due to constant pain for over two months now, my GP referred me for us scan. I suffer from anxiety and am 51. Can’t seem to relax . Sonographer advised to await my GP.

Any advice will help

Thanks all

By the way I am new here

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  • When did you have the scan?

  • Thank you 3caramel7

    I had the scan on Friday 6 10 17

  • So we are talking at the earliest next Monday unless they find something that requires immediate attention.

  • Yes hopefully x

  • If I'm understanding you right, the sonographer will never tell you the results. They will have a proper study of the scan and send the results to the GP. If it was anything urgent that needed immediate attention, the sonographer would have contacted your GP straight away and then the GP in turn would have contacted you. As I have said in other replies, there is alot tucked away in a womens abdomen and Endometriosis can be very sneaky and hide in the most ridiculous places at times and it can be hard to diagnose.

    It's ok to be anxious. Can you call your GP for your results over the phone or will you make an appt to see him/her because its probably a good idea to make an appt, so you can both decide what's the next step.

  • Oh wow... thank u 3caramel7... I feel better now ..yes the sonographer advises that my results I’ll be with my Gp by coming Friday m.

    Really grateful for ur advise.

    Warm regards x

  • The sonograoher will probably struggle to tell you as they really find it hard to diagnose endermetreeosis....ive had scans upon scans and it takes a skilled gp/professional to see what's going on x

  • Thank you helenababs

  • Try not to be too stressed as this can all affect your body too x

  • Thank you so much helenababs! I am trying hard to stay positive. Most appreciated x

  • For some reason on NHS the result always take days/ weeks. It is quite normal to wait. While on private, the result is instant!

  • Thank you so much Stellauk.. ure absolutely correct.

  • Hi all

    Thank you so much for your support. I contacted my Gp , the scan result there. Reception lady ask me to call Gp on the phone as it’s not urgent so I am hoping it’s the same scan result as 5 yrs ago.

    Warm regards

  • Thanks all for your support.

    GP called me today and reported I have gallbladder stones and fatty liver. He has referred me for removal and advised me to loose weight and stay off fatty food. I am 12.5 stones 5.3 height.

    I am very pleased I can look forward to getting rid of this pain

    Warm regards to you all

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