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Is this normal?

I am 38 and haven't had children yet. I am in my second cycle since being diagnosed with endo. Two years prior to the operation I have had pains, terrible thrush, a vaginal entrance scar from a previous operation paining, migraines and tummy and the constant need and urge to urinate - even just after emptying.

With this new information of the endo I am now monitoring what pains happen when etc. The migraine came at the same day of each month and pain from my scar - just before ovulation. Constant need to pee worsens near ovulation. Tummy pains a week before period. My cycle is only 24 days anyway. Feels like I have pain or a problem to ruin my day every single day.

The doctor said they best not to operate or treat me medically to enable me to have children. they said that's the best chance of making the endo lessen. I have stage 4 aggressive and an obliterated pouch of Douglas making surgery risky too.


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How awful for you - I'm so very sorry it's a battle and half isn't it. And you can feel slightly mad - all these symptoms - over and over again, ground hog day. And your diagnosis sounds particularly hard going. Although my endo isn't like yours ( ovaries & kidneys) I do think that although it feels hopeless - there is hope and help out there. As I would never believe I could change my endo health so drastically - but I have. I thought this is my life - forever - being Ill - in pain - or full of dread for my next period.

So I cut of meat, wheat, gluten - reduced stress (that was the hardest) & followed Dian Mills nutrition book on endo. Increased supplements, minerals, vitamins. my symptoms went from 14 days heavy bleeds, excruciating pelvic pains, bowel probs, urinary pain, migraines that bad I thought they were mini strokes - as I'd be numb one side for 3 days. Now I follow the above lifestyle it's soooo sooooo soooo much better - near enough healed. Just 4-5 day bleeds, less pain all over, no migraines. It's hard work but have faith - read the above book - there is a way forward x


Wow sounds great. I will get that book. Thanks.



It's brilliant - it's tough to do but when you think of how much pain we go through anyway - it's defo do-able to alter food.

we are all warrioress with this thing. We are all so strong to keep fighting, on & on and it gets mentally & physically exhausting. So your bodies already in mineral & vit deficiency cos it's fighting to heal.

Basically I'm now

Meat, wheat, gluten, dairy free

I take extra:

Floradix - floravital multi liquid

Sun warrior protein powder vanilla

Raw reserve greens in juice

B12 & VitD liquid

Htp5 tablet

Lglutamine powder in water

It all helps me x


Blimey. That's a lot.

You sound very strong.


Ha ha - I used to think it was a lot to, when you spread it out across the day it's not to bad. And you put in in smoothies.

I had two surgeries for my endo, and like most on here had a terrible experience. The surgeon removed the lesions on the right ovary but on the left side of me he left them in as my kidneys had them in too and were too dangerous to operate - he just said nothing we can do. I was gutted. But best thing that happend to me as I had to become responsible for it by myself. So I read everything I could on it and immunity, diet, cortisol/stress. And I can honestly say proudly I've kicked it's butt. I'm nearly pain free. I look alive and I want to live. There would be days when I didn't see the point - and I think lots of women feel that, it's just where do you go? What on earth do you do? I now teach yoga - work for myself ( am 37) lowered stress & eat better & I'm so much happier - you can do this. Your born with all the qualities, strengths & wisdoms you need to be the best you - You can be. You can do it x your a warrioress


Well done Breathe! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. x


I am sorry about what you are going through. I read your pain diary and it interests me as I have developed feeling of needing to wee quite often. I am thinking if this is to do with cycle or my situation got worse? But still it is good to know how other people experience similar symptom.

I hope you have a chance to have a baby.

I am now 43 so I gave up on the subject and my priority is to get myself better.

I considered about adoption but it is not something I can think much of due to my condition.

Not sure if this is appropriate but if you can freeze eggs and have ICSI maybe there is chance of having your baby later while you can try to get better your self? Sorry if this is not something you want to think about but, just a thought.


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