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Hi ....

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I have just joined after being given this site details by the Lorraine team as I have asked they do a bigger topic on endometriosis.

Im 42 and been suffering for 3 years was diagnosed 2 years ago. Ive had zoladex injections for 6 months which was awful ok subsided the endo pain but the hot and cold flushes over took my life and suffered relly bad my body did not like it. When i finished the course followed by taking the pill 3 months consecutively with 7 days break. 7/8 weeks ago i had a check up and advised sex was so painful and I bled really bad. So my gynae checked and i had to be cauterised, well since then Ive been to a&e twice but was just given more pain killers and waiting for appointment with my gynae 27th Oct. The pain is mainly in my left ovary constant but get very sharp pain on top. My back my hips my legs hurt I struggle to get out I have been into work 5 days out of 7 weeks feel so low. My stomach looks 6 months pregnant and the head aches are horrendous every morning for the last week.

My mum has had my 14 year old as i cant get up to get him to school which I feel awful for putting this on her.

Luckily work has been ok but you can see they dont fully understand but are supportive.

Im just so tired all the time and want to push for a hysterectomy now as the last laparoscopy I had to confirm I had endo they could not operate on removing it as its to much and its also on my kidney.

I just wish I could do more I hate being stuck in on my own feels so lonely.

Has anyone else had a hysterectomy and has it helped ?

Thanks xxx

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering so badly. I had a hysterectomy in March this year and yes it has helped - but if you have severe endo you MUST be seen at a bsge accredited centre (if you google this there is a list). They may well also need to remove your ovaries and tubes and you must have all the endometriosis tissue excised at the same time. It is a massive and complicated surgery with a long and difficult recovery but for me it has been life changing.

Please ask if you have any questions.

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Sorry to hear your in so much pain ....I had a full hysterectomy and ovaries ,tubes etc removed 4 years ago due to years of horrendous pain....I was 42 , I had suffered as long as I can remember with endo and I had large cysts on each ovary , which would twist and make me pass out in pain...I also had fybroids in my uterus....My periods were so heavy and I had terrible bowel pain.

It has changed my life , it was the best decision for me.

My organs were all fused together and the surgeon and team (all women ) did a great job ,fixing me up ....

I hope you get some much needed help soon xx

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