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Hi, i'm Charlotte :)...I've never done anything like this in my life but I need help! i was diagnosed with endometriosis 5ish months ago and my symptoms started about 8 months ago. I was back and forth with my doctor for what felt like forever trying to get them to refer me to a gyno as I knew something wasn't right! I was sent to the hospital for pelvic scans etc and came back showing 2 cysts on the left side of my womb and was then diagnosed with endometriosis. Not only have I been suffering with that but for months I have suffered with thrush on and off and its really starting to take its toll on me! nothing seems to be working...I'm taking all these supplements and medication and nothing! My gyno has put me on the microgynon 30 pill to help with endometriosis and I think that's what's caused the trush and I don't know what to do anymore..does anyone have any advice/tips? it'd be much appreciated! thanks xx

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  • I have always had this issue, but am not on the pill. No pearls of wisdom I'm afraid. My only solution is serious airflow. No leggings tights, jeans, tight trousers. I am down to suspenders and holdups. Only cotton underwear only organic cotton feminine towels, no sitting down, crossed legged etc. no pj bottoms in bed at night. the minute I deviate back it comes.

    Perhaps worth looking at the other hormonal treatments or a different pill brand if all fails and it's too much.

  • Yes I've been making sure that I don't wear tight clothing and not wearing anything at night does help alot. ..

    Unfortunately I work in anew office so sitting down all day is annoying but I try and move around as much as I can!

    I have an appointment with my gyno next week now and been trialling the pill for 3 months so will need to talk to her when I see her next week.

  • Yes I have the same problem with an office job, mind you my interstitial cystitis means I am up and down to the loo a lot lol!

  • Lol me too! I do regular visits to the loo Haha Im not sure why that is though, my gyno said it's a symptom of endometriosis but I take a tablet called solifenacin which helps with bladder control and it helps! xx

  • I used to suffer with thrush all the time 10 years ago whilst on the pill. I was advised by my GP not to use any soap or toiletries to clean that area of my body, only warm water and since I stopped using anything I haven't had thrush once. I think the products alter the PH balance and allow the thrush to take hold. Not sure if this tip will help you but it has definitely worked for me. Also I have realised I never needed to use anything to clean that area, water works perfectly well. Whilst I was getting rid of the thrush for the last time I was given some aqueous cream which you can get from the pharmacy and that was soothing to use until all symptoms had gone.

    I hope you get it sorted permanently as thrush is a miserable thing to have.

    Good luck x

  • I was on the pill years ago myself and came off it because of similar problems...unfortunately my gyno wanted me to trial it again for 3 months to see if it helps my symptoms of endometriosis and it has helped.

    Yes I've not used soaps or scented toiletries for ages as I was advised the same...I feel like I'm trying all these things and wasting so much money on creams, medication etc and nothing is working!

    I've been to see my GP again today and been given a steroid/antI fungal cream as she thinks the thrush has gone and I'm just taking ages to feel normal again because I've had it so long and the bleeding from endo doesn't help having to wear panty liners all the time...nightmare!

    It really is nasty, I feel for anyone going through the same as me.

  • I had all of that too hun and really there's nothing you can really do but push for an operation . iv had mine for yrs and just now the 3 months has gone I'm half way through the changes after having endometriosis removed . push ur doctors to have an operation but if u haven't had children and want more or whatever wait and ask ur gynaecologist what's best for u. until then u got to put up with the pain and thrush I feel for u really anyone that still has any off this it's hard ! I hope I could help xxx

  • I've got an appointment now next week with my gyno so hopefully I can discuss next steps then! thank you for your advice! xx

  • Coconut oil good for thrush I find , hope you get some resolution soon it's exhausting the continuous pain.

  • Sounds silly but when I've had terrible thrush to point of throbbing and pain I found a load of natural yougurt helps not the nicest sitting in knickers of yougurt but can be really soothing and I think the live bacteria eat the thrush might be an old wives tale but might be worth a try xx

  • Yes I'm eating plenty of it, have tried that too and it is soothing...I seem to of tried everything everyone has suggested here and don't seem to be getting anywhere Haha!! nightmare! xx

  • Optibac probiotics for woman helped me massively . I suffered with bv and gave it a try. After few month can see the difference . They are a bit pricey but totally worth it . Make sure you get the one specifically for woman as they restore PH in that area and prevent all infections

  • If none of the treatments are working, have you been swabbed for thrush by your GP to make sure that it is thrush and not something else? Might be worth asking for this if it hasn't been done. Make sure also that you treat your partner because if you don't they can keep reinfecting you. You have my sympathies, I have had phases of endless thrush infections that took repeated treatments to clear up.

  • I've had swabs done at my GP and been sent to the hospital to be tested and that's when it comes back showing as thrush...I asked my GPS today if it could be something else and she doesn't think I have it anymore as the symptoms are different so she thinks I'm now just having discomfort due to having it for so long and because I sit down all day at work, it's taking forever to heal properly so I've been given an anti fungal/anti inflammatory steroid cream and it seems to of settled it so fingers crossed it'll sort that problem out!

    My partner doesn't have any symptoms of thrush and we haven't been intimate for like 2/3 months since I started getting symptoms...do you still think it's worth him getting tested?

  • It may not be thrush even if swabs come back saying it is. Almost all people have some living in the area so swabs will almost always say it is.

    You need to see a gynae who specialises in recurrent thrush and have more intensive lab tests done on the swab - looking more closely at what the cells are actually doing. The generic swab your GP takes is too simple.

    There's so, so many other things it could be. There is a thing called cytolytic vaginosis which is where the pH is way in the other direction to thrush and in fact thrush treatments make the condition worse. The treatment is completely opposite to thrush. If your Gynae hasn't heard of this condition then they aren't a specialist and you need to see another one. I was doing the wrong treatment for a decade and I'm so mad about it.

    Also things like adenomyosis can cause more secretions and this can be overlooked too.

    Don't settle until you've been given real answers x

  • Thank you! I have an appointment next week with my gyno so I will ask all this when I see her..thanks so much for your advice :) xx

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