Hi all

Hey all hope your all doing okay not been on here a while have had some issues to sort out , starting to get tired of it all now I'm struggling with work and normal things can't stand taking painkillers but I don't no what else to do I feel silly and when people ask me what's up I just say in a littke discomfort and they don't understand how much it can affect everything you do any advice don't no weather I go see my gyne or what im just confused hope alls well

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Hi, it does get exhausting trying to juggle life around endo it dictates to you what kind of day your gonna have. Thursday I had appointments but collapsed out side aldi ( endo pain) I was carrying heavy bags. Messed up my day. Exhausted for seven and took painkiller for pain,thank god I slept through the night. Friday, codine, heat pad and bed was all I could do. Sat I planned a picnic and instead spent spent all day crying because I had to let my girls down. I'm typing this now and I feel sick with pain endo and bowel pain which hits me every month. Sunday I have got to go out and I dread how much pain I'm gonna be in. I will just want to crawl in and need my bed but instead will be preparing for my lap on Monday at 7 oh and mass to be removed from insisiol scar at the same time. Its never ending I feel blessed if I have a pain free day but there few and far between, I'm spending most of the month in pain now it's a never ending nightmare decease that effect mind,body ,spirt it effect us are partners are children,are social life,work life . So I hear ya it's gets exhausting big hugs x

Good luck for ur lap

I do understand and feel for you it's awful - can't plan anything because of u do it just gets ruined or spoil it and let everyone down x

Hi leesac thank you Hun

Tbh it's along time coming so will be glad to get some answers xx

I'm waiting for mine on 15th it's already been cancelled once just want it sorting now x

I know exactly how you feel - some people seem to think because they can't see what hurts u its all in your head

Just remember you know your own body x

It's so true no management believe me they all think shes alright nothing wrong with her but people won't understand because they dkbt have it you can tell them about it but they just don't really care to listen hope everything is okay x

Hi, I'm hoping when I get there they don't cancel :-( I can't go through all this worrying again...... I have sleep apnea so there really could be a chance. And let's face it they think because we're women we should just get on with it. And too be honest it's the women that are the worst,not women like us. Women that have never lived with this decease.I got more care from the male docter who did my scan than any women docter I've ever seen. On a positive note the codine kicked in today and I managed to see my grandson. I'm now done in and in bed but I did it. Big hugs to you all kx

Hope all is okay I no how you feel having a really bad day today in layed in my pjs with a hot water bottle and just took some codine just hope it kicks in soon because the pain is getting bad this sucks

Hi, and yep I totally no how your feel I'm having an alright day if I'm not in my pjs, well it's pjs all week for me now, that and strong pain killers. I have took note and listened to all the advice. So with 7 hours to go, I'm all packed. so nervous I just hope I sleep. I just want operation over with now. Big hugs to you all kx

It's rubbish I am now laid down with hot water bottle and taken codeine in total agony today x

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