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I am new here an thought I would introduce myself

I am 34 years old.

In 2009 I was admitted after two weeks of pelvic pain and they found. 5x7cm blood cyst on my right ovary. It burst and I was sent home told my body would absorb the debree.

2012 admitted again with excruciating pelvic pain, told it might be a bladder infection and given antibiotics.

From then until 2014 on and off with the pelvic pain.

2015 sever pain, thought it was another cyst or my coil slipped, was scanned and told I was constipated and probably had ibs!

Later that year I had an mri which showed adhesion between my colon and cervix.

Constantly been in pain since 2015 with flare ups. But because I have a mirena coil I don't get a bleed so I have no idea where. My cycle is. As you all can imagine this has been so frustrating, it feels like no one listens and Dr's have even told me they are 100% convinced it's bot gynea related. This was my old gp. He also told me the pain was in my head!!

Anyway fast forward to this year, I am waiting to get me coil out. The pains.are still there so I see a different gp who sends me to a different gynae. This lady sat me down and go through all my symptoms from the beginning. She thinks it screams endometriosis but because of other health problems they are reluctant to do a lap. So yesterday I was back at a+e with the pain and the same gynae team agree it is endo. He said the bloody cyst and adhesions and pain all point to it. He also said because they didn't clean the stuff out from my cyst that could of stuck to my pelvis.

So I'm getting my coil out next month and getting the nexplanon and I've to be seen in clinic.in 3 months to discuss options.

The relief to be kind of.diagnosed is phenomenal. It isn't all in my head.

Thabks for listening.

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Tought times, im sorry you been gping through all this. It does feel a relief to know whats wrong with your body, when your gut says something is not right, something is wrong. I've scheduled an appt with my gyne today, bcuz Ive been spotting for two weeks and im supposed to get my period today, but pregnancy cant be bcuz I took two pregnancy home test two days ago and they were negative. Ive never had this before to spot before my period.. im scare and nervous for later today but hopefully I will get some answers of whats going on. Hope all is well with you.👍🏻💗


Hi Lp4Ever

Thanks for the reply. I hope you are OK and they find out what is going on.

I am so glad to find this discussion page.

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