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First period after lap

I started my period on Friday just under 2 weeks since my lap and I’m in agony, I’m having to change my pad on an hourly basis because it just seems to be pouring out of me, it’s worse then what I use to experience before my op and I just don’t know what to do for the best! I just want to cry I feel so deflated because I thought this op was meant to sort everything out! Is it normal for your period to be this bad after the op? What’s everyone else’s experience’s been?

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The first two periods after my lap were awful. Like a massacre!

I started my third post lap period today. It is much lighter. More like pre surgery.

Hang in there! Fingers crossed you have a similar experience to me.


Thankyou! That’s made me feel a lot better! I hope so can’t be coping with this every month!


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