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Hi everyone, I haven't had an official diagnosis of endo yet and am waiting for my lap in Feb. At the moment I'm having on and off pain but nothing to really stop me. My pill is doing well in controlling my periods.

However I am having problems with dizziness, nausea, shaking, temperature and being red.

My friends think this may be a reaction to coming off the injection, but I'm not sure as I came off it in July? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Iv had the coil out and been on the pill recently, it's been about 2weeks and Iv been getting the same, I don't no what it is though, maybe a hormone change? But maybe go doctors, better to be safe than sorry and a sickness tablets may control it. I'm on sickness tablets and it's helps a little xx

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Thanks, yeah I think I'm going to go to the doctors xx


Had all these symptoms for years. Ginger capsules help the nausea sage and red clover help a bit with temperature fluctuations. I get woozy and dizzy spells among other symptoms I know it’s my hormones and the doctors seem to agree but for me being on cerezatte and zolodex made them so much worse. Still trying to find something to help. X

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Thanks for the help! I'll give it a go, I'm on the cerelle pill - it's working great for me at the moment! Reduced pain, minimal bleeding (still pain though during intercourse but nothing I can't handle), I do have trouble holding my bladder and can get sharp pains when I don't go straight away and am in pain after, but other than that I feel a little normal at the moment! Got my first lap in Feb though - was considering cancelling because I feel better, but I still want to know if I have endo.

Thanks for all your help.


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