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Endo and cysts

Hi everyone

Currently in hospital I have been in for 1 week, I've been diagnosed with endometriosis over a year ago, I have been put on many birth Control pills , injections , nothing worked for it was to help my endometriosis wasn't for contraception, my doctor suggested to try the mirena coil, it was a bit of a nightmare getting it inserted was too sore for me so they put me under general anthestic , since I had my coil inserted I was in agony , 5 UTI's 2 kidney infection's was in and out of hospital they kept giving antibiotics and saying you need to give the coil time , the pain got that bad I felt so unwell I went to my gp they then sent me to hospital which I was admitted , when I was hospital before I was admitted I got many scan's which showed my endometriosis which I obviously knew I had, This week I have had a ct scan , which showed a cyst and my endometriosis, I was only many pain killers around 5 day inc morphine the pain was still as bad , I then went to a ultrasound and an internal which obv showed endo and 3 cysts on my right overtly the biggest cyst is filled with blood that explain 's the pain my doctor said , they then looked at my previous scan's and my scan 3 weeks before this scan it was clear no signs on cyst on my ovaries , it was the coil that gave me the cyst while in hospital I felt I was getting worse , I couldn't urinate was put on a cathertor now my bladder had expanded and still can't urinate 1 week later , i have been put ona tablet to dissolve the cysts which is agony , now getting tested for another urine infection as the doctor thinks the cathertor has gave me an infection, I am hopefully getting home tomorrow with a cathertor and bk in 6 weeks for surgery for my endometriosis, it's been a long haul for me but anyone out there thinking about the coil I would seriously think about it , personally I wouldn't recommend it , I know everyone is diff and it could work for you , but if you are suffering from endo I would speak to your gp and do your research before u get it... hopefully I'm home tomorrow I jus can't wait till my surgery in 6 weeks and hopefully live a painless life 💕

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