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Can Endo give you fibroids and cysts?

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Hi ladies,

I was diagnosed with minimal Endometriosis in May 2017 and I have continuously been told that it was so minimal it won’t return. Over the last 9 months my symptoms have increasingly gotten worse but they’re acting like it’s just in my head.

Recently I saw an Endoscopy consultant who believes I could actually have Endo in my bowels so I’m having a mini procedure this weekend to find out but more interestingly, I recently had a pelvic scan which showed I have a cyst on my right ovary and my womb is covered in lots of 1cm fibroids, which apparently for a 23-year-old is quite rare.

My GP thinks the cyst and the fibroids could be due to my Endometriosis returning and I have been referred to a different hospital for another opinion.

My question is, can Endometriosis cause fibroids and cysts? Could that be a sign that my Endometriosis is growing back? Has anybody been told anything similar before?

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Hi Bethany,

I was diagnosed with endo over 3 years ago and had a Laparoscopy to remove the endo cysts from my ovaries, which is where endo was at the time.

Whoever told you endo could not come back, lied to you.... as 3 years later (Jan 2018) I had my 2nd laparoscopy surgery to remove endo AND fibroids, which I have had for years also but were not removed as they were quite small at the time, but grew to the size of a tennis ball (saw with my own eyes as the surgery was recorded)

You are quite young and I will recommend something to you that may seem daunting but is something I wish I had done when I was your age (I'm 33 now) - Look into freezing your eggs. One thing endo can do is lower your AMH level, which is basically lower the amount of eggs you produce, so if you don't, when you are ready to have a baby it may be difficult, which is what I am experiencing now. I have low AMH and having to go through IVF treatment in the hope I can have my own kids using my own eggs as endo has diminished most of mine over the years.

I would also advise that after your Lap surgery, down regulate your ovaries by going on the pill or some other form of birth control as this stops the growth of the endo and stops it from spreading. Do this until you are ready to have children and do not allow the endo to spread, which I did because I was told 'it would not grow back'.

So ultimately to answer to questions - yes, endo, fibroids are all connected. Your story sounds much like mine, and I wish I had someone to educate me on this stuff when I first found out as Dr's don't always give or have the best information when it comes to this disease!!

Feel free to ask any more questions, I know I'be chucked a lot at you!!

Hi SashAsks,

Thank you for your message. It was my consultants that told me it wouldn’t grow back as I’m already on the pill and it’s so minimal that they don’t see why more would grow.

I haven’t really considered freezing my eggs yet but I’ll discuss it when I go to the second hospital. Do you have minimal Endo or is yours quite severe?


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Amyskb in reply to BethanyAnn

Hello BethanyAnn,

Im new to all this and hv been diagnosed with bilateral endometriomas and fibroids and adenomiose. STILL IN SHOCK!! im 30 yrs old hv no children.. but reaaaally want them.

What method was used to remove ur endo cysts?

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BethanyAnn in reply to Amyskb

Hi Amyskb,

I had a laparoscopy a week ago to remove the cyst and Endometriosis but the surgeon decided not to touch the fibroids because it was more dangerous to remove them than leave them.

Laparoscopic surgery is keyhole and they’ll make 2-5 incisions in your belly button and abdomen to operate. The recovery is uncomfortable but you’ll be back on your feet a lot faster than a laparotomy, a single larger cut.

I hope treatment helps! Let me know if you have any questions xx

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Amyskb in reply to BethanyAnn

Hello.. thank you for promt reply. Were the cysts removed by stripping or were they burnt?What was the size of your cysts? My doctor is saying she ll need to perform 2 surgeries for me by using both methods. Im sorry for so many questions. I came back from doctor this afternoon n m full of questions!!

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BethanyAnn in reply to Amyskb

Hi Amyskb no problem! They were 4cms so relatively small but the MRI and ultrasounds suggested they were much bigger so I was quite lucky! They cut mine away which I would highly recommend! They burnt my Endo away in my first laparoscopy and it returned within two years. This time I had a specialist surgeon and he said he never burns it, he only cuts it away because it creates less scar tissue and has a lower return rate. It just makes the surgery longer and the recovery slightly longer but it’s worth it! Everyone has their own opinion on this though.

Some surgeons do suggest two surgeries if you’re a severe case so trust what they say but I would question why they want to use both methods. I would also recommend making sure your surgeon is an Endo specialist rather than general gynae. I had a general gynae surgeon for my first surgeon and never again! x

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Amyskb in reply to BethanyAnn

Thank u so much for replying. My gynae is a surgeon and she did give reason for her opinion. That is to save my follicles.

I will look for a second opinion though.

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