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Mirena coil - should I have it removed?

Hello, hoping I can get some advice - I’ve had the mirena coil in for a year a half now and recently I’ve started to notice that my hormones have become quite intense. I feel like I’m coming on my period a lot and my boobs are so big! I don’t have periods anymore which is a plus but as far as my endometriosis goes, it stopped the pain for a bit but now it’s back. I have bouts of anxiety and depression and it’s only since I’ve had the coil. I was wondering what people advise I should do as obviously if I get it taken out then my horrendous periods will come back. I am seeing the pain clinic and the specialist centre next Tuesday so can discuss options. I will then be seeing the specialist consultant 2 weeks later. Thanks!

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You know your body best xxxx

I took mime out and tried zoladex instead but had even worse side effects on that. I'm now med free but considering utrogestan if I have to do another. At least that is bio identical progesterone.

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Hi sorry to hear your suffering,

I also have the mirena have had for over 7months now, and do experience a lot of anxiety, depression amongst other side effects.

However I did have anxiety and depression before.

But if you feel it's the mirena causing it then maybe try something else like a pill, just talk to your GP to see what would be best for you, with the least amount of side effects.

You could always go back to the mirena if all else fails.

I have also found taking evening primrose oil helps to balance my hormones and moods alongside the mirena.

Hope this helps

Take care x

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