What to ask the surgeon?


I have my pre op appointment in a few days and I'm creating a list of questions to ask him. The only question I can think of is if he is going to check for endometriosis around any other organs such as my bowels etc.

I don't want to waste my only chance to ask questions so is there anything obvious I should be asking?

Or even anything any of you would like me to ask. He's the top endometriosis specialist in the country so it's a good opportunity.

Thanks :)

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Ask him about your snapping hip? If it's related. Hope it all goes well good luck? 😊 xx

Good idea! Thank you so much, same to you! Xx

Is the appointment definitely with your surgeon? Most pre ops appointments are just with a nurse to do your bloods and things and go through what you need to do to prepare for your op.

Yeah it's definitely with him. My first one wasn't but now I've gone private I refuse to see anyone but him x

Hi Hun could you tell me who your surgeon is as I want to also go private please? I keep getting the run around from the NHS

If your appointment is with the operating consultant. He normally will go through what he is plan to do, what are the things he may do, and what are the possible complications. Make sure you take notes on them. Mine go through them about 3 times and followed up with a letter. Informed consent is very important for any medical procedures. You may want additional information on bowel prep, recovering time, and lengh of the hospital stay.

All the best.

Thank you, I never thought to ask about bowel prep etc, thank you :)

Also you may have two operations. First one is for diagnostic only then the major one 3 months after that. If it is diagnostic only you will not need bowel prep.

Good luck for your appointment, these are very useful questions on endopaedia. You need to make sure that they will be excising all disease, including superficial disease too, and taking high quality before and after photos of the surgery.

There are many surgeons that "claim" to be the best / top surgeon in the UK, it really doesn't mean they are unfortunately, which is confusing for patients!

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