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Hi. I had a lap 10 days ago. They removed my right ovary and Fallopian tube. The plan was to tray the endo /adnomyosis inside the uterus but they couldn't get through the cervix for the endometriosis. My gynaecologist said the only option is a hysterectomy and she will review in 3 months. The problem is I am in agony with back, hip and pelvic pain which has not been relieved by the op. I feel 3 months is too long to wait, as I cannot function properly for the pain. Am I able to ask to bring the appointment forward? If so how will I do this?

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  • Hey Hun,

    You are having a double whammy of pain as you have just had an extensive surgery and you also have endo, poor you. The GP may say to wait for a few weeks as you are likely to be suffering from a lot of post surgical pain. However, you know your body and if you still feel in a lot of pain after a few weeks and it's not subsiding, keep going to the GP and booking telephone appointments if you can't make it to the GP. The GP can definitely write a letter asking you to be seen earlier. You need to just be persistent. Also, if the GP isn't helping during this time you can even call the consultant's secretary to ask to be seen earlier. I've had to do both before. The immense pain after surgery can make you feel so worried and anxious too which is probably flaring up everything else too. Try to relax and let your body heal too. I really hope you start to feel better and get some relief. I hope my advice helps. Sending positive vibes xxx

  • Hi. Thanks for replying. The pain I have is exactly as it was before the op. I will try GP or maybe go straight to secretary. Thanks so much x

  • Hello. So sorry to hear your in pain. I have suffered from surgery and now waiting another urgent op but told 12 months wait and no follow ups or check ups nothing just being left. Like you I live in pain. All nhs hospitals have a department called pals. They look at getting appointments you need quicker and get you intouch with doctors that you may need. Give them a try and see if they can help hun. Really hope you feel better soon love xx

  • Hi thanks for replying. I think I am going to try her secretary. There is no harm in asking. 12 months seems a very long time for you to wait! Can you not ask for another consultant/hospital? X

  • I know its so stupid and no follow ups nothing. I can't as i need 2 surgeons and both have done all the test to ensure all goes right i couldn't trust anyone else as have had previous ops that have gone wrong. I hope you get seen soon hun xxx

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