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Pain after period?

Hi ladies,

I'm recently diagnosed- lap back in June and its been a bit of a whirlwind since then, I have endo in my POD and adhesions near my bladder...

I was put on the pill and I've just finished a 3 month back to back stretch and had my period, which was light and there was minimal pain. (my first one post op was terrible ) Anyway, I thought....OK! This is something I can deal with, the pill seems to be working. (I was really surprised)

But I've finished my period now, and the pain is here. right back - not as bad - not curled up on the bathroom floor crying -but it hurts. Is this normal? To have the pain afterwards rather than during?

If anyone can shed any light on this that would be great, thank you.

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Am sorry to say you do get pain like that again I don't know if it's normal but I am constantly in pain everyday have been for 5years, my advice make sure you have a good doctor and try not giving up it's hard but if your anything like me you have got the worse yet to come, get it sorted before you get real bad and don't be throbbed off. Sorry to hear your in pain! Try get some meditation apps and do anything and everything to make yourself happy xxx


Hello, did you have pain after period before your endo diagnosis in June? or this is a new symptom? I have been dealing with severe pelvic pain after period for the past 4 years :((( and I really don't believe it is related to endo... but since I already have a diagnosis, my doctor doesn't want to investigate any further...


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