Laparoacopy fears

Hi Everyone never used one of these formus before so I am new to this πŸ˜• I am having a laproscopy tomorrow (Endometriosis) and am petrified 😒 I was scheduled for one 4 weeks ago but had a massive panic attack and the anaesthetist refused said it was un safe. I go in in the morrning I am first on the list and they are giving me 5ml of Diazepam for my nerves. Today I am starting to panic and think stupid things. The putting to sleep is my fear I think the not been in control when i wake up frightens me. I have had 1 surgery before were I was put to sleep for a Barthalons Cyst removal and it when fine just the coming round and the hearing voices talking to me but couldnt open my eyes has stuck with me & I was shouting about my children 😣 Yes i have 3 children who I had all 3 with just gas and air I dont know how I had them when I feel like this about been put to sleep 😣 Hope any one can help even if its advice or if any one has had one done ? How long did it take you to wake up (I constantly keep thinking about the how long to wake up) 😣

Thank you

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Dear of you please don't panic it will all be ok it's really not that bad I was fine when I had mine yes we all get nervous and anxious 😩 but truly it's really ok πŸ˜€ Xx

Thank you I keep telling my self this then I calm down then i find myself panicing again 😣 How the mind works πŸ˜‚ I know when I wake up after I will think wat was all the fuss about πŸ˜‚

Thank you your advice helps


You will be fine. It feels like no time has passed. I find it a relief that I know nothing of the surgery, and even for one procedure had to have a GA rather than sedation cos I was so anxious about being awake that they refused to do the procedure lol.

Practice this breathing exercise every time the distressing thoughts come and take your mind away from dwelling on the thing that triggers your anxiety XXX

Thank you for your kind words really helps will look at the link now! Thanks


Hi. I'm lucky enough to be friends with an amazing surgeon ( unfortunately not an endometriosis specialist!) he was with me when I had emergency surgery and I was very upset for various reasons and he reassured me by saying from start to finish you are monitored every second, it's all about keeping you safe and they do this daily and are experts at it. I had amazing staff at the hospital and I felt looked after and safe. When I had elective surgery at bsge centre I took this with me and once again I found the staff amazing, as I was going under the anethetic the last thing I remember is being told they would look after me and when I came round they were reassuring and I wasn't rushed.

Tell them you are nervous about it as it's better they know and just think that in a few days you'll be more comfortable.

Thinking of you . Xx

Thank you for your reassuring words they help very much. I have told them because this is my second visit first time it was un safe to put me to sleep. They are giving me 5ml of Diazepam before surgey. Will post tomorrow how i get on thanks again every one xxx

Well i got to the theatre doors and had a panic attack again 😒 The Diazepam didnt work for me 😒 Anaesthetist said was un safe my safety had to come first she was a lovely lady i hope i get her again when i eventually get it done because she helped me stay calm it was just wen i got near the theatre doors i went into melt a down 😒 x

Awwww hun your having tough journey aren't you. Can you not see if you can take a family member or friend with you just to get you to the theatre doors once they've got you to sleep you'll be fine. I know they don't allow anyone with us but if they could arrange for you to get someone just for that journey down to the theatre I'm sure it will help. It's really not bad hun but I know your extremely anxious and getting worked up

Speak to your consultant if you can and try arrange this for yourself. Hope your OK hun πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

My Mum come with me but they wouldnt let her sit in the waiting room then i asked for my Mum to come to theatre the said no. Then when i was been taken down and started getting upset the Nurse sent for my Mum but at this point i was to upset. The Nurse then said next time we will allow your Mum with you all the way. I will tell the consultant it will help me. Thank you for your kind words i cant believe the state i am getting in i came out in a red rash all over my chest its not a wonder the anaethetist is saying unsafe xxx

Awww hun it's natural something's work us up more than others I hate needles if I look at one I won't get it done if I don't look I will it's just human nature don't be cruel to yourself. I'm glad your mum will go next time because family support is a big help I'm sure it will be a third time success next time. Bless ya. πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

Thank you fingers crossed 3rd time lucky πŸ™ My consultant has asked to see me in 4 weeks time she's brilliant so will see wat she says now xxx

Awww that's good. It really does help when the medics work well with us. Wish you all the best hun and do let me know how it goes and if you ever need to chat I'm here πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

Thank you very much and i will do thank you πŸ’–πŸ˜š

Your welcome and please don't thank me again it's what this forums for. Put your feet up and spoil yourself πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

Oh, honey! I'm sending you a giant virtual hug!!

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's only natural to be fearful of such a thing. It isn't exactly like it's a natural state of being to be put under anaesthesia. It's scary and it's okay to be afraid.

Could you perhaps see about talking to a counsellor who has some experience with anxiety and panic attacks? Maybe a few good sessions with someone can help you to work through the bulk of your fear regarding this? Or maybe you could ask to see your surgeon in a consultation type appt so they can talk oh clearly through every aspect of what will happen from the moment you breathe in the gas to the moment your eyes open again. It's okay to ask for help coping with this. That's a part of their job.

Hang in there. Ask your doctor for advice on how to better cope with these feelings and be gentle to yourself. ❀️

Thank you your ideas sound like a plan πŸ‘My consultant is lovely she told me to stop saying i was sorry. She went through every thing with me and even we had a one to one a week ago and we spoke then. All the staff are brilliant and help me in every way its just me once i go in to a panic i get in a state i didnt realise how much of a fear of this i have untill the nurse tells me what i did etc 😒 I am going to go see my gp for some advice even if i do need to speak to a counsellor. I feel so bad for doing this twice and wasting there time etc but all the staff insist that its ok and my safety is there priority. Thank you for your kind words they really do help every ones words on here do. I cried to the consultant yesterday that i cant fight the fear but i am so fustrated because i need the lap for a diagnosis as i am in so much pain. Today am in so much pain sat with a hot water bottle regreting yesterday thinking i could of known by now wat is going on xxx

There's no point wasting your time with regret or being hard on yourself. You're having a reasonable fear and it's okay to be human! ❀️

Rest today, put on a box set you adore and get lost in another world. Worry about the next step tomorrow. In the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "Tomorrow's another day!" 😊❀️

Oh man when I had mine I had a complete meltdown too. I could not stop crying. It was a mess. A nurse eventually sent for my mom and my mom stayed with me the entire time until I was wheeled back. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all kind and got me talking about school, tattoos, and hair dye to keep me distracted I believe.

My mom informed them of the reason I was having such a hard time. It helped once they knew why I was having a hard time and the drugs they gave me that were supposed to calm me down just made me tired and still felt terrible until I went under. I remember them calling it a "top shelf margarita." Must've been a crappy margarita... 😜

My surgeon came in while I was having a hard time and asked me if I was okay enough to go through with it. I told her I was terrified but I knew there was something wrong in me. Turns out I was right as they removed a patch of endo.

The last thing I remember when I got onto the operating table was the nurse talking to me about over night oats.. then my anesthesiologist asked me if the medicine helped and if I was calmer and I said no and that I was just tired. He was surprised that I was still coherent enough to respond because they apparently gave me "a lot of medicine." Heh. Then he asked if I was ready and I just nodded and fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in a completely different mood. It felt like time flew by. I felt very calm and a bit sick but the nurse saw me as soon as I woke up and gave me medicine right away. I also started shaking from the anesthesia and that hurt because my whole body was tensing uncontrollably. I was asked if I wanted medicine to stop it and I said yes then I got a big shot in my thigh... after the shaking calmed down I felt a lot better.

It was a very scary thing to go through. I don't know if I could do it again. But I'm so so glad I did as I'm now being taken care of properly.

Know you're not alone in this! It's a terrifying thing to go through!

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