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Starting birth control after laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help. I had my first laparoscopy on Friday which resulted in a diagnosis of endometriosis and removal of endo from my pelvis, bladder, recto-vaginal nodule and removal of my appendix.

I came off the combined pill about 3 and a half years ago and haven't been on birth control since. I was a little reluctant but after my speaking with my consultant I have decided to try the progesterone only pill in combination with an endo friendly diet (my consultant wasn't really bothered about that part).

What I'm wondering is, when do I start taking the pill? I was due on my period at the time of my lap, and I haven't had it yet (I'm spotting a fair bit). Do I wait for it to come, or start taking it now?

My consultant was also really pushing for me to go back on the combined pill instead, but everything I have read says more estrogen isn't great- I've previously been diagnosed with PCOS too so I'm kind of wary.

Any advice really appreciated!

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I tried the progesterone only pill and I'm sure I had to wait until my period had properly started to start taking it.

It didn't agree with me because I had constant spotting bleeding and felt very irritated all the time (like I had constant PMT). But it's definitely worth a try because I think it works really well for lots of ladies with endo xxx


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