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The specialist appointment finally getting somewhere

hi guys

On the 21st August i had my specialist appointment and it was an eye opener !

i booked the day of work because i didnt know how the appointment was going to go, at 13:15 i got in my taxi on my own ( i was going to conquer my fear) on the way to the womens unit at the hospital and i was a shaking mess. my appointment was at 13:45 and i was sat in the waiting room that is right next to the expectant mother section where all the new mums are sat with their big bumps and smiles getting to see their baby and im there not knowing if i can have kids and honestly it was so upsetting and it wasnt helping the whole situation. Anyway i was called in and i met with a female doctor who explained she was a student doctor and she was going to let me explain what had happened and then go from there. so i explained all the last 6 months to her and she was so shocked she said it was a very complicated situation and she was going to get a senior doctor instead. i sat there for about 10 mins waiting for the senior doctor and in walks a middle aged woman who seemed to know exactly what was going on and she had me explain everything again and she then decided she wanted to examine me so i got on to the bed she pressed my lower abdomen in certain places and asked me to rate the pain , she then did an internal where she said i had a tilted pelvis and my cervix was way to tender than it should be , she then gave me a smear test ( not as uncomfortable as i expected) this was just to check nothing else was happening.

After explaining the lower back pain and the leg pains and all the other issues id been having she gave me answers , she said i have traits of PCOS including the cysts but she is almost certain i have Endometriosis aswell and an pelvis inflammatory problem that link, she said it wasnt pcos causing the pains i have and the pains i have before im due on , the missing periods but all the pain that usually goes with them , the pelvic pain ect. She has prescribed me Naproxen for the pain hower if that doesnt work i will have to take amatriptacyclene. she has also put me on a pill that i take when im on my period so it will make it lighter (finally) and will shorten it ! I know there is the contraceptive pill but I refused it

i know this is only the beginning of the diagnosis and there will be more surgeries to determine a lot but it's got to start somewhere I guess

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You poor thing, what a nightmare you have had.

At least you are on the way to being fully diagnosed and can then get the treatment you need. You should do some research on endo so you know what questions to ask along the way, and all us ladies are here to help you, you are not alone!

Anytime you want help, or just to let off steam, we are here.

Big hugs xxxx


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