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The surgeon didn't come and see me after my lap and I have to wait till Friday for my results is it because they didn't find anything?

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Hello I'm new to this

But I had a laparoscopy yesterday (Sat) and the Sergeon didn't come and see me after.

I have to wait till Friday is this because they didn't find anything or is it normal to wait??? If anyone has any answers would love to hear from you?

Feel really unsure of what they did??

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I'm so sorry i can't believe they let you leave the hospital without speaking to your surgeon. I find this shocking. Whatever they found or didn't find the surgeon should still have spoken to you.

I had my laparoscopy in June and my consultant did find and treat endometriosis- I wasn't allowed to leave until I had spoken to him. I also got a copy of the discharge notes.

Did you get a copy of the discharge notes? If you didn't think could contact your GP- your GP would have been given a copy of your discharge notes and they will be able to discuss your results. Also you need to know what happened for planning time off work- my GP signed me off for 2 weeks-if it had been purely just diagnosisic laparoscopy a week off should be sufficient.

Failing that you could contact the consultant secretary and ask to be given a copy of the discharge notes.

It is unfair to expect you to wait to receive your results. You have the right to know what was done-its your body

All the best xoxo

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I know it was a private hospital too but I'm a NHS patient ☹️

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Usually your surgeon would come to see you after your op. Is your appointment on Friday back at the hospital with the surgeon that did your op? Xxx

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Yes it's with the Surgeon so do you think this could mean they found nothing? 7 other patients were not seen either

I think it probably means the surgeon was super busy tbh. It's good that you have a follow up so soon.

When I had my lap done on the NHS the surgeon didn't come to see me after and the nurses tried to discharge me without telling me what had happened. I had to ask what was found and they just handed me a diagnosis sheet and tried to send me on my way. I asked them about the diagnosis but they just told me to read the sheet and that's when I saw that it said endometriosis was found.

I think the worst part for me was coming round in agony not knowing what had happened and the nurses not calling my partner. When they eventually did and he came to the hospital he wasn't allowed to come and see me. If he had it would of been easier to understand what had happened and what was found. (I was on a high dose of morphine and obviously coming around from the anesthetic so I was pretty confused)

My follow up appointment with my surgeon was 7 months later.

That's awful well least they found endometriosis!! The nurse said on my notes I found out last night he put no endometriosis found 😞 but I have all the symptoms pointing to endometriosis so don't really know what to do now!!

Until I speak to the surgeon on Friday

I can relate to you it took two laps for mine to be found. If you need or want to chat you can message me any time.

It can be missed and you can also get microscopic endometriosis. Unfortunately they can't really see it while doing the lap.

Stay strong and see what your surgeon says on Friday and keep us updated.


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How did you get them to do the 2nd lap and far apart was it? Did you have to fight for a 2nd lap

What was your symptoms?

My symptoms are all related to my cycle.......

Lower back ache

Very tierd

Blood clots

When I poo sorry TMI! 😊 it's like I'm in labour shooting pains up my bum

I can't sit down properly as it's like I'm sat on a needle!!!!

and stabbing pains in my stomach!!!

And this all happens the first two days of my cycle then a couple of days before and after!!

Is this what you had? And maybe I haven't got it? And it's just bad period pains!!!

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My laps were about 5 years apart but there was a period in between them that I was told it was IBS which I stupidly believed.

I think you can request another lap after two years but I'm not 100% sure. It's can be difficult to find endometriosis as I say it could be microscopic and it's also linked into your period too. Were you on the pill when they did your lap?

I purposely came off the pill about 6 months before I was due to have my second operation. When I had my first I was on the pill and I felt with my second I'd need to be off it in order for them to find anything. The pill is meant to prevent any endometrial growths so being off it wasn't a bad thing diagnosis wise.

After my first lap my gynecologist told me to stay on the pill which I did for about 4 years with no breaks. I used to get my periods once every three months while I was on it but it was better than once a month. After being on it for so long my periods suddenly stopped. It was at this point I kept asking to be referred backnowledge to my consultant.

The symptoms do sound very similar to mine. I have to kneel at my desk sometimes as it feels like someone has kicked me really hard on my bum. I get what I refer to as hot poker pain up me. Sex can be quite limited because of pain and discomfort.

I haven't had a period since March but mine are extremely heavy and painful. I generally get insomnia before and during my period.

Pelvic pain is also an issue for me. Yoga is apparently really good for that but I also have inflammation of the bladder so I do tai chi instead which seems to really help.

Hashe's the consultant told you to take any medication for the pains?

x x

They tried to do that with me, surgeon had gone home by the time I came round. Awkward little me decided to crash my blood pressure and swell up one of my wound sites so he did come back in the end and got a grilling.

I was in a private hospital (referred by NHS). They were terrible. I have my follow up today, they literally weren't going to tell me anything until today, 6 weeks later. And I have something wrong with my appendix unrelated to endo apparently. So all my worst pain symptoms are from that and still around. I dread to think what it would be doing to me mentally if I didn't know.

O.k thanks for your replies I managed to find out from the nurses what the surgeon wrote on my notes last night

It said

No adhesions found

No endometriosis found

No abnormalities

Feel really disappointed that they found nothing when I have all all the symptoms that should point to endometriosis

I have to wait till Friday to talk to the actual surgeon to tell me himself what actually happened as they were just his rough notes!!

Anyone no what to do next?

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