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Can I have the coil out?

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When I first started my period at 11, I was very ill, being sick, curled up into a ball cramping for the first 2-3days. I got out into the pill witch completely helped the symptoms.

Since being diagnosed in December last year...I had a coil fitted during my laparoscopy procedure.

My procedure didn't work for me, I'm still in so much pain very day and still signed off work due to it... I'm still bleeding like a normal period and have all my symptoms back like how it was before I was on the pill.

I want the coil out and to be put back onto the pill...but I don't no how difficult this will be to get this done as my gps are crap and never listen.

Has anyone had this or have any tips to help me


Emma xox

3 Replies

Hi Emma,

Having the coil removed is very simple and painless. Your gp will be able to do it or any sexual health clinic (these are often 'walk in'). xx


It's your body, if you want it out they should do it for you. I've just had mine removed yesterday after having ito in 5 Month and had no change in symptoms. My gp is very good and has Ben through a lot with me. Ring your Dr's tell them you want to see a nurse or gynae Dr as you want your coil removed. They have to remove it if you don't want it.

I believe sexual health clinics have walk in services too that would removed it if your Dr's didn't.



Hi Emma

As other ladies have already said, give your GP surgery a ring and see if there is anyone there who can remove the coil for you. They may tell you to go to the sexual health clinic.

Just want to warn you though, I had problems finding someone who could remove mine because no-one in my GP surgery deals with coils and the nurse in the sexual health clinic couldn't find the strings.

In the end I had mine removed last week in hospital by a gynae. i was worried it would be problematic because of no strings and the fact it had moved higher up by within 5-10 minutes it was out.

Insist you want it out. It is your body. I won't go into the details of the problems I had with my coil but I the end I decided I didn't want a foreign object in my body that hadn't worked or helped my symptoms. Be firm, and if they try to talk you out if it insist you've had a good think and want it out.

Good luck and all the best xx


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