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I know I need to give it time as I'm only two days post op. But can anyone suggest anything for this pain?

I had my right ovary removed. My right Fallopian tube out, a cyst bigger than my ovary removed. Endo shaved and a bit of my uterus shaved. I'm on zomorph, cocodomol and oromorph. But this pain is absoloutley horrible. I've never known anything like it. Any suggestions

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No clever suggestions but lots and lots of empathy and hugs for your pain.

Oromorph was the strongest I was given in hospital, and I think that worked more cos it knocked me out than actually relieving pain.

I was sent home with dihydrocodeine. Nothing is blocking mine 5 weeks on, though the pain is less it's still intrusive particularly at night.

I hope someone is able to come up with some ideas. Maybe amitriptyline or sleeping pills but I dobt know what combos are age or effective.

I think ovary Cyst ops are particularly painful. I had just a small one treated in my diagnostic lap and woke up in recovery literally unable to breathe with pain..

Thinking of you.


It's horrible isn't it. Could it be gas pains? Peppermint tea helps xx


Does your doctor allow heat to be applied to the area? That helped me a lot after my surgery, although I only had a small mass removed.

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It's not gas as I've had peptac and pepper mint water and that's eased the pain in my chest and arm

I'm just really suffering with this side pain. Honestly never known anything like it x


Did you go back to your doctor to describe what 's going on? I was in a lot if pain after my surgery, it was so severe I literally cried because if the pain, it felt like my whole pelvic area was burning and it ended up being an infection. I was also feeling sick and dizzy , but no high fever. My temperature was just slightly elevated. You should try strong antiinflamatories for a couple if days, take Ibuprofen 800 (I know is not good for you but it helps with the inflammation from the surgery) and see how you feel. If that doesn't help go back to check for infection.

I am sorry and hope you feel better.


Noo I haven't been back. I'm assuming it's normal For pain after what it had done. Was just after advice to help

I can't take anti inflammatories. Just gonna rest and see how it goes


Rest as much as possible then.. hope you'll feel better.


Sounds truly awful. So sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Have you tried ice? I had to ice my stomach for 2 days post op. It really seemed to help.


I got rushed in hospital Saturday night. As I had a huge bleed and a terrible infection. Finally back on the road to recovery! Thanks everybody


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