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New to Esmya but bleeding

Hey I am new to this but not to Fibroids. I have had fibroids for about 7 years. I was initially checked via an op for endometriosis but they didn't find that. I was put on the pill and told I had fibroids. I then visited the doc after 3 years of having the implant (pill) and asked them to scan me again. I was told any fibroids would have reduced in size due to having the implant. They had in fact doubled in size and I had more. A new consultant I visited gave me three options- hysterectomy (at 28 this isn't option 1), an injection into blood vessels around womb or try these esmya tablets. I have started with the tablets. I did my first month came off and had my first period within 4-6 weeks. Once the period stopped I started the next 3 months treatment however after 14 days I have started with a period again. I can go a day without bleeding and then all of a sudden I go to the toilet and I am really heavy. Does anyone know if this is normal? I have booked a docs appointment in for next week and will have to get a referral for consultant appointment but I am unsure whether to keep taking tablets or to stop

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