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London NHS waiting times!???


I am on the waiting list for laparoscopic surgery to know wether or not i have endometriosis and i would like to know how long others had to wait to receive their surgery date? preferably if you're from london as nhs waiting times varies a lot in london compared to other places in the UK, thank you xx

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I waited 2 and a half months from my first gyne appointment and 5 and a half months from my initial ultrasound scan but I'm in Manchester. I know we have bad waiting list times but not sure how it compares to London x


I'm in Southampton so not really helpful but I had a gp appointment, same day blood tests that revealed I was anemic, one week later ultrasound, a week after that was gynae appointment.

Gynae appointment was two weeks ago now, and I've just had a letter through for me pre operative assessment October 24th. So I'm guessing my surgery will be shortly after then? I'd like to think so anyway! So it's been pretty quick for me xx


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