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Painful Adenomysosis

I would like to get any additional information to aid painful adenomysosis. My husband and I have been trying to conceive the last 4 years, having no success getting pregnant. I recently found out at the end of last year when having my fallopion tube test that I have Adenomysosis. My Fertility Doctor told us prior to test I have a low ovarian count, we were then considering having an IUI done, taking clomide to assist with my follicle count. Clomide did not help still showing only 4 follicles, when she then said she thinks having a donor would be our best route. Honestly if I was able to get pregnant I would rather not put chemicals in my body, and no donor to get pregnant. I know my age is a factor but I'm in overall good health at age 43 and would rather have it happen naturally of coarse.

I would love to get any advice or suggestions anyone could share.

~Still Hopeful

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I will respond to this properly this afternoon I have adenomyosis and might have some info that can help x


I also have adenomyosis, trying to have a baby for the past 4 years.. my case is a little different because I was able to get pregnant 3 times, but I lost all of them around 11 weeks. I am 40 now. So, getting pregnant is only part of the problem, but keeping the pregnancy with adenomyosis is also challenging.

I am sorry for your struggles and I hope you'll succeed. 4 folicules at 43, I actually think is not bad at all. I had only one, last time I got pregnant earlier this year.

May I ask you how is your pain and how you deal with it? I am in extreme pain from the day my periods ends until ovulation, which also makes it difficult to concieve.

Good luck!


Thank you for the positive reinforcement with still having 4 folicules. My husband and I wanted to possible freeze my eggs and my Fertility Doctor wanted me to show 5-7 in order to do the procedure. I am actually puzzled having diagnosis with adenomyosis and having severe pain symptoms they wouldn't want to look further in to, before getting pregnant having an IUI or IVF procedure done, since adenomyosis can cause Infertility.

As far as the debilitating pain....I'm usually in bed with heating pad.

Since its quite the beast.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had 3 miscarriages, may I ask If you conceived naturally? Best wishes to you, please keep me posted on your journey.

Best of Luck!


I conceived naturally all three times but I do consider IVF if we decide to try one more time because of my age... not too much time left for me to wait and try. I just don't know what to do to keep the pregnancy unfortunately. My doctor says that implantation is an issue sometimes with adenomyosis because of the uterine wall demage. However, most women with adenomyosis are able to keep a pregnancy because the hormones help reverse the condition during pregnancy.

Do you have pain all troughtout the month or just with your cycle? Did you notice any pattern when you have the pain? I am asking because I suspect I may have something else on top of adenomyosis. I have heavy painful and long periods and I know the adeno is causing this but the most severe pain comes right at the end at the peruod and lasts for about 5 days. Do you have the same?

Thank you!


Do you consider Chinese herbal therapy? My friend has suffered from endometriosis and get pregnant finally.She told me Chinese herbal therapy fuyan pill helped her. Maybe you can try it. And you should go through some information about Chinese Medicine first before you make a decision.


Thank you! I have been taking Chinese herbal medicine along with my Acupuncture and staying hopeful through it all.


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