Speculum pain

Hi, I had the mirena coil inserted today and found the insertion of the speculum excrutiatingly painful. I was diagnosed with endometriosis on a ligament on my left hand side 3 1/2 years ago when I was 18 but have been showing symptoms since I started my period at 11. The rest of the insertion of the coil was absolutely fine with only minor discomfort, but my dr had to change the speculum to a small one because the other one had me in tears. I was told this is not normal. Is this due to endo or could it be for another reason? Thanks x

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  • I haven't actually been diagnosed as I haven't had my laparoscopy yet. But when I went to the gynaecologist they tried examining me and had to stop because it was too painful using the speculum! He said because of how painful it was, that was making him lean more towards it being endo, so i assume it could be due to the endo x

  • Yeah I think it must be! Good luck with your lap and diagnosis x

  • Thank you! Xx

  • I have the same pain, it is horrendous. I even struggle with the small speculum.

    This is most likely because of endo. Sorry to hear you have this too xx

  • Yeah the small speculum wasn't great but I could manage it. I broke the first one though (it was plastic) and it remained by far the most painful part of the procedure!

    Thanks for your help...sorry you have it too x

  • They can give medication to help relax, valium type meds - I am going to do this next time. My pain on examination has been consistent for many years now.

    Im 2 years over due my smear as a result and delaying IVF again too.. xx

  • I'll have to try that next time. Think I'll be the same trying to delay it though! Thanks for all your help x

  • I had this post operatively for several months where they couldn't open it for the agony. I still find it difficult.

  • I have severe Endo and can not have the speculum inserted as its really painful. I was told it's due to having a swollen cervix and it's the Endo nodules that it catches Aswell. I've had my Endo removed 4 times with surgery and always asked for them to do a smear test whilst under the anaesthetic so if any of u r due surgery ask the surgeon to do one for u. Saves the pain.

  • Is your cervix retroverted? Mine is and I find smear tests painful and request a small speculum. This is not due to endo I don't think, it's just my physiology. Another friend with a retroverted cervix passed out from the pain when she had a coil fitted. Once again, not from endo as far as she knows.

  • Actually I think it's called a retroverted uterus. Apparently about 10% of women have them.

  • I had the same, I was told its normal , nearly passed out with the pain!

  • Could also be vaginismus? Depends where about the pain is x

  • I have this exact same difficulty, the smaller speculum is fine but the standard one is not tolerable for me. It's an awful pain when it's been attempted in the past. I think I'd only allow examinations with the smaller one now. My consultant said it's due to my endo and that lots of ladies with endo find it painful xxx

  • Speculums are not my friends.

    I have endo and I have to have them use a small one because of the pain. They have never told me that it wasn't normal.. so I don't think anything is wrong with you needing a smaller one.

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