Speculum agonizing

Hello. I went today for my Mirena string check and when the nurse started to open the speculum I suddenly encountered extremely agonizing pain and she had to stop. Tried twice and the same thing happened. So i had to go away book a separate go appointment who did manage a manual check.

Has anyone experienced this after a laparoscopic procedure and how long did it last?

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  • I had this problem when I developed PID from BV from my progesterone pill, some people are sensitive to progesterone and it happens.

    Did it burn?

    Speculums are always painful for me when they're deep, did it hurt allover or just deep?

    If it's allover it's probably PID which you should try to get antibiotics for.

  • Thanks Hannah. The pain came very suddenly starting from the area of the cervix and only happened when the speculum opened not on insertion but as it started to move the cervix so high, radial and fiery and intense . Frontal rather than deep like my RV nodule dyspareunia.

    I am still having mild residual pain in my left pelvis and belly button this evening.

    The nurse took a swab to check for an infection, presumably from the lap op or insertion.

  • That might be due to a nodule or adhesions, I only hurt where it's deep and when it's opened.

    And it feels exactly how you described.

    Can you start Pelvic Floor physiotherapy? They might be able to loosen up some adhesions.

    I get pain after pelvic and speculum exams.

    The pouch a Douglas caused pain that's deep but the front might be related to something like a cyst.

    I know it may seem like it might not help but put a hot pack right where your dimples of Venus are with another on your pelvis.

  • I find sometimes its how the nurses it be abuse when I visit gyne they have different sized speculum and appear to know how to insert it at the angle needed. When I visit the practice nurses it's hurts so much but the consultant uncomfortable. Ive had lot progesterone treatments I was told made tissue soft hope you feel better soon. I had to have mirena fitted with a general I couldn't take pain

  • Thanks both. Possibly post op adhesion or cyst then, as I don't think any Endo was found there in the lap. You poor things. That is some pain.!

    Ironic as dyspareunia was one of the reasons for embarking on surgery and now worse than ever.

  • Absolutely know what this feels like- Ive had it for years been in agony having smears and going through IVF that also killed with the speculum and internal scans. Sex is also very painful. I've since been told that I have cervix erosion which is what is causing the pain and it also makes me bleed too. They said it's probably down to hormone changes which makes it soft and you can get like grazes if you like which can create bleeding. It's so totally horrible and so sorry to hear you have this-it makes me sob in agony it's awful. To be honest I don't know about it going-I did have nitrate one time to burn it off which was also very painful but I've had it constantly for years. I've heard that when hormones alter it can settle down-although not the case with me. I'm so sorry I'm not giving you a positive story where it clears up-but it maybe very different for you xx

  • Thanks yllek1982 I have had dyspareunia forever but it's mostly been deep and comparatively moderate. This was a whole different league and level of agony. It's post operative I hope rather than hormonal so should subside fingers crossed.

    Was it a hormone treatment that triggered yours?

  • I've had it ever since I can remember to be honest so I'm not sure if it had a hormone trigger persay. I was on the pill years ago for my heavy periods (maybe a trigger?) but I came off the pill about 6/7 years ago and I still have it. I have been going through IVF for the past year and a half so have obviously had hormone related stuff there. I'm currently pregnant and keep having intermittent bleeding that they have put down to this cervix erosion. All the scans/procedures etc absolutely kill-I had to have gas and air to have the embryo put in last time as the pain is unbarable.

    So sorry your having pain-sounds like it might not be the same thing if yours is from your op. I've had a couple of laps and a hysteroscopy but I don't remember after the ops the pain increasing for scans/smears it was just as painful as usual xx

  • Hi yllek1982 congrats on your pregnancy! Quite an achievement with Endo. I have read that ivf treatment hormones can trigger Endo symptoms and pain quite badly. Hope your pain eases. Xxx

  • If she had chance to do a swab, did she see the mirena strings? Usually you can feel them yourself. You don't say how long it is since the lap, things can be tender for a while, and speculums are nasty. It all depends on the relaxing approach, warmth, getting angle right - all sorts ... as we tend to be very tense.

  • The nurse, no she couldn't open the speculum at all. She used the plentiful material left on speculum for swab sorry if TMI.

    My op was on 6 Dec so over a month ago and I wasn't nervous or expecting pain as I don't normally have severe pain with it just a bit of a gentle after glow. (I had plenty due to a cervix screening treatment 15 years ago.) It really caught me off guard. The nurse was experienced and gentle I don't think it was anything she did as I've had pinching before. This was a whole new ballgame..,

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