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Can't stand to see my dauhgter suffering!

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Hi ladies,

Hope you don't mind but I've joined here for my daughter rather than myself as she's just had her second laparoscopy having been diagnosed 4 & half years ago. She's had it done today & text me to say they've told her she now doesn't have endo!!!! Her pain is worse than ever & sex is painful too hence the second laparoscopy. She asked him how he can say she now doesn't have it if she's suffering more than ever, his response ' it just happens, maybe go on the pill for 3 months at a time with no break, see your GP about it'

Now to me that isn't at all satisfactory an expanation or answer! Sadly, due to my poor health I'm not able to be at the hospital with her.

Having read some of your posts, I see that it appears to be only as good as the surgeon doing the procedure & things can be missed!

I've told her to ask for a copy of the report & any pics so we can see what they have actually investigated today & to request that the info is sent to her GP so she can discuss it with him.

It breaks my heart to see how much she suffers & my heart goes out to all of you on here.

Any advice would be most welcome!

I'll be passing on the details of this forum for her to join herself then I will bow out but just now she's not in the right head space to address it & needs ro recover from today so I thought I would ask on her behalf for now.

Thank you so much in advance.

Sending positive thoughts & warm wishes to you all :-) x

4 Replies

Hey , i understand your frustration,I had a lot of issues with getting diagnosed as they kept blaming the pain on other things like ibs I would say she needs to be firm and go to her gp and request a second opinion and see a different gynaecologist 100%, sending her best wishes and I hope you both get answers soon x


Sometimes surgeons miss things or don't fully investigate all possible areas for endometriosis. That has happened to my aunt who has it. Luckily they found and removed mine.

Hope your daughter gets the help she needs soon.


I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. It must be really difficult to cope when someone says there is nothing there. You have not said much about her first surgery and what they found or did. The only other possibility for pain could be nerve damage which is common after surgery to remove endometriosis. I had a lap in November. They removed lots of endo but my pain remains the same. I suffer every day with debilitating pain and weakness in my hips and legs that often I can't walk. I'm awaiting a colonoscopy incase there is endo lurking inside the bowel (an area that gyny will not touch) but if there is nothing there then i don't know what else to try, accept to believe its nerve pain. I am on the waiting list to see a chronic pain clinic to try nerve blocking agents. Maybe this could be something your daughter could try, if a second oppinion yields the same results. I wish your daughter the best luck in getting help for her pain. Take care of her xx


Sorry to hear about your Daughter and what she is going through. I just want to say huge hugs to you too - I'm awaiting a date for a diagnostic laparoscopy just now and I know how much my own Mum is hating seeing me in pain! So totally feeling for you too 💜 xXx


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