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Random Bleeding

Hi everyone, I'm 25 and have had a laparoscopy about 3 years ago I've also had prostap injections and tried lots of different pills . Recently I've been bleeding between periods and after sex I have been taking the pill back to back so was advised to have a break which I did . However it's still happening . I have had all sorts of tests and was told by a doctor that if they all come back clear he will refer me back to my consultant who carried out my laparoscopy . I went back and had to see a different doctor as the other one had left and he said that it's not enough to refer me to the consultant and he wants to see if keeps happening and just put me on norethisterone which I was really not happy about . Anyway it's happening again and I feel I can't keep living like this not knowing when I'm going to bleed . On Saturday I was fine all morning then out of the blue I had he worst pain and started bleeding so heavy I went through my clothes and it was down my legs . Then Saturday evening it completely stopped . It stated again late Sunday night and stopped this morning . Does anyone know what this could be or has anyone experienced this . After how bad it was on Saturday I'm quite worried.


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