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Abdominal Endometriosis

Hi everyone, I have been diagnosed with abdominal endometriosis. I have been told is a rare form of endometriosis, it is a result of haveing a C-section 7 years ago. I am desperately trying to find a professional that has the knowledge of 'abdominal' endometriosis.

I am hoping someone on here has had the same and can recommend somewhere I can go for treatment.

The pain I suffer daily is horrendous.

It would be amazing to meet anyone that has the same condition as me or has had it treated :)

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Hi, sorry to hear that you're suffering with endo. I had endo inside my bowels and inside my bladder in 2009. Had numerous operations to remove endo by NHS surgeons but still having problems. I'm having yet another operation to remove more endo with a specialist surgeon he works privately and via NHS he operated on me in 2014 via privately and will do so again in 2 weeks time but via NHS. Where do you live? Are you on any painkillers?




Thank you replying.

Sorry to hear you have had ops but are still suffering.

Do you feel confident with this surgeon? I live in Surrey but can get to London within 30 mins. You?

I do take pain killers but only when the pain is absolutely unbearable, I found I became immune to them.

I look permanently look about 6 months pregnant where my stomach swells. Often get members of the public ask when I'm due. It's awful.



Hi, I had lap surgery on July 28, 2017. My uterus was disfigured and bent out of shape due to being attached directly to my abdomen by a narrow, long adhesion that spanned the full length of uterus. I suspect it was caused by the emergency c section I had in 2014. The adhesion was successfully removed and the surgery itself was quite easy to recover from. I had pain in my abdomen post surgery that felt like period cramps. I just used a warm wheat bag to help with the pain.


Oh, and also, my doctor who did the surgery said he only sees my type of adhesion once per year. It's rare and very strange, apparently. I have an awesome photo of it, taken during my surgery, which I'm amazed by.


Really pleased to hear it was successful. Before you had the op was your tummy swollen all the time? Did you have it done privately or on the NHS?


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