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Recent trip to hospital has finally cleared it all up!!!

This is a long one and probs TMI but maybe my experience will help one of you. I thought I was having a flare up so was using the usual (hot water bottles, gels, creams, pain killers and anything else I can get my hands on to ease the pain) I allowed this to continue 3 days until even sitting on the toilet was making me heave with the pain.

I called NHS 111 who advised my abdominal pain was a cause for worry and I should be checked out by a GP within the next two hours. So I called along to GP and got a rash receptionist tell me the GP would do a telephone consultation and decide if I needed to be seen. When she called I explained everything and was told to get there asap. On arrival I did a urine test and was seen in under 5 minutes, she felt my stomach and was asking about my pain. Shortly after advised I need to go to hospital and asked me to wait in the waiting room.

She called me back in and asked me to attend a surgical team within the hospital with her letter. They where lovely about it and started to prep me for surgery but then couldn't take me in that night to complete it as the ultrasound team had finished for the night. I was given the option go home and sleep in my own bed and return for my scan or stay the night. I thought everyone was being slightly dramatic so opted to go home.

Once at home the pain kicked it up a notch, I couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfy and the pain was unbearable.

I struggled on until 8 am when I knew that the dept was open again and went back in, they had even put my name on the visiting patients list (as apparently that's how sure they where I would be back) I was seen, bloods taken again and cannula fitted within 10mins of arrival and taken to a ward. I was prepped again but they was quite busy and I was told it would be the day after.

I saw the surgeons gather around me looking and making opinions on what it could be, they where lovely and expressed how deeply sorry they where they couldn't fit me in. They advised it may be my appendix and they will remove it for me.

On awaking in recovery I was told my appendix looked fine except for feacolith deposits caused from being constipated, however, once they removed the appendix they found the main source of my pain. My endometriosis had traveled to my sigmoid bowel and was hidden under the appendix.

They said they where lucky to find it and was much worse then anticipated. They have sent images to my GP to organise further treatment. After 2 years this pain wasn't in my head and I finally have an answer as to why my tummy habits are different.

Previously to this I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and was discharged from another local hospital as nothing out of the ordinary. I am so thankful to my local hospital for being so thorough and doing my second laparoscopic surgery and really taking the time to find out what was going on.

I know this was long but I am hoping that if someone else has something similar it may help you out or that you may draw comfort knowing your not alone in this.

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