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I'm in hospital...for all you lovely people asking


Hi everyone.

I though I would be easier for me to post than reply to all the individual messages.

I have been awful pain In hospital a day they have admitted I had a lovely lady come down from the pelvic pain unit aswell as gynaecology consultant.

I haven't had a prolapse all my pelvic muscles my uterus, bowel and bladder are in spasm and I'm having problem walking now my legs are spasming from me having to deal with this constant pain for so long.

I think I'm going to be I'm a few days because they are going to be looking at my bowel and bladder aswell in here because I'm struggling to wee and still haven't been to the number 2.

Thank you all for your messages and asking if I'm ok I really appreciate it

I'm hoping I'm going to get some more answers in here now.

Hugs to you all xx

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Good luck I hope they find and sort it for you. X

Good luck Jo! xx

Oh dear you poor thing, I so hope you get some answers, I still can't beleave your follow up app was so far away, please keep me informed, at least you will get full max pain releif now,

I'll be thinking of you Jo


Take care and hope they get you sorted xx

Big hugs and wishing you a very speedy recovery and an end to this awful pain xxx

That's awful I really hope you get all the care and answers you deserve. Good luck and lots of love for a speedy recovery xxxx

I hope they are able to help with the pain and find out what the problem is. x

Good luck Hun hope you get better soon xx

Oh no you poor thing, hope you have answers soon. Take care xxx

I hope you feel better soon. X

I hope you feel better soon and they get things sorted for you.


Get well soon Jo. Sorry you have been having such an awful time but glad you're now being looked after. Hope they can sort you out and get your pain better controlled very soon. Big hug! X

You are in the best place now. I hope you get well soon. xx

Thanks all of you having a really tough time. I didn't sleep feeling really low because of the pain . They are trying lots to get the pain under control but I thinm it will take a while to start working.

Thanks for a being so kind it has made me smile today .

Jo xx

Glad to hear that you are OK and that you have had the right sort of people come to look at you.

I hope your ok, try get some rest in there :) xx

Mummy1982 in reply to Becky92

Thanks hun. My bowel is blocked they tried enema didn't work gave me awful stomach cramp taking a lot of laxatives orally and start enema again tomorrow. I hope you are well x

Massive hugs jo xxx

Sending hugs. Hope they get your pain under control and you are feeling more comfortable x

Thank you hun. They have found that my bowel is blocked badly the enama hadn't worked so we will try again tomorrow I'm taking a lot of oral laxatives feeling sick now. I hope you are well xx


Sorry to hear about your bowel.

Hope it clears soon and you are much more comfortable.

Sounds very painful.


Thinking of you. I hope they can get things under control and make you feel better as soon as poss. Xx

Mummy1982 in reply to Mabes

Thanks your message

I hope I am going to feel alot better when my bowel is sorted out. I hope you are well x

How are you feeling Jo? Hopefully starting to get some relief now....Hugs and best wishes xx

Mummy1982 in reply to meechb

Thank you for your message my bowel is blocked so we have to clear it and I'm hoping I will feel better after. I hope you are well x

Not been on for a couple of days, sorry to hear of your troubles, is it an endometrioma blocking your bowel? x

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