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Excessive bloating after I was told I do not have endometriosis

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So I am now almost 5mth post op from my laparoscopy that resulted in a "no endometriosis found" after biopsy was done. I also had an MRI last month. No adenomyosis was found.

Now 5mths later I am hugely bloated 4 days now with what seems like "endo belly". Everyone says I must be pregnant and are congratulating me which literally bring me to tears because idk if I can even get pregnant.

And I'm having a pain on my left lower pelvic region like I used to b4 my laparoscopy. I'm on visanne until 6mth post op so haven't have any periods 4mths now. But on the days my period is technically due past two month I'm having cramping

I'm sorry this turned into a rant instead of a question I'm just very emotional and stressed and confused right now. If is not endo what could this be. I'm fearing next month when I'll be back to having periods.

5 Replies
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Any tips on what helps this bloating?

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Could it be constipation.

I have more bowel issues since op and consultant now suspects deep endo, he treated surface.

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Nope no constipation. I've actually had regular bowel actions this week.

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Speak to your GP and see what they suggest. It can depend on how experienced the consultant is. I’ve heard stories about this and it was two years getting a diagnosis after being told they didn’t have it. Hopefully you’ve got something very easy to deal with. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Good luck

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A lot of us are on exclusion diet to reduce the pain and bloating. Often, the main culprits are gluten, dairy, soya, caffeine, chocolate (contains both milk and soya), brown rice

A lot of us are misdiagnosed with IBS. If the endo is on the bowels, it gives similar symptoms to IBS. I was told at a London hospital that 50%of women with endo will have associated IBS symptoms. It causes a lot of tummy pain, also an alternance of diarrhoea and constipation. I put myself on an exclusion diet since May last year and it has really helped me. Every time that I try to have normal food, the tummy pain and bloating comes back. It causes a lot of inflammation, it hurts and makes me feel really tired. I have no choice but to stick to the diet. I also supplement with magnesium glycenate, vitamin D(immune system), iron. I have gluten free bread and pasta and vegan chocolate. I still have potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa. It's up to you to find what food works for you and which one(s) cause symptoms. If you are under a BSGE Centre, it's worth mentioning and ask to be put in contact with the colorectal surgeon. Alternatively, maybe ask your GP for a colonoscopy to check if there's something going on with your bowels, I am not sure that colonoscooy will identify endo. x

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