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Lap an positive reading on pregnancy test???

Hi all,

I had my lap done in May and had a period as normal. I was 6days late for my period so done a few tests which have all come back positive.

Im really worried as I have been reading that you can get a positive reading as your hormones can be up the wall after having a lap?? Is this true??

Thanks for your reply's xxx

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Go to your Dr's and get them to do a blood test and then they will repeat it the next week they will check the hormones count and that will give a bethere inclination as to Whether your pregnant or its just hormones xxx


Thank you for your response. I will defo insist on a blood test.

Thanks again for your response. I was quite worried as ive done 8 tests and all come out positive. The clearblue digital told me last 2-3 weeks and this week 3+ weeks??

Who would of though trying to get pregnant would be such a milestone xxx

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I'd like to think that doing that many and all being positive would mean you are and if so congratulations. But yes blood tests are good as if you are your count will double each week and every couple of days. I only know this as I had to have regular blood tests 2 years ago only to be told it was an ectopic.

Congratulations and good please let me know when you find out xxxx

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I will most certainly keep u updated.

Thanks again xxx 😊 Xx

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I would say if you have had a period after your lap then more than likely your pregnancy tests are true.

Good luck and congrats


Thank you. I am trying to bug my Doctors for a blood test but I made the mistake of telling them I had done 8 tests lol so they are going by that!!

I hope all is ok as have all the symptoms of pregnancy xxx

Thank you all for your kind words and reassurance xx


Hi ask for a hcg blood test and then again 48hrs later to see if your levels are rising, however I would see it as a positive that the clear blue is going up, I did a test in may after my op in jan however stayed on my pill till end of march and had 4 positives but had urine test at dr which showed negative and she told me no way I was so I demanded blood and I was! Now 11 weeks! I only had one period after my lap then got pregnant! Hope yours is a positive outcome too xxx

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Ahh great Thank you so much, so reassuring to hear this!!

I am going to demand a blood test 4 sure xx

Congrats and good luck with everything xxx


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